Thursday, February 11, 2010

Up A Creek

This picture is for Ellen - see? No snow!!

I climbed the bank
Sobbing with effort
Red with the mad-beating
Of my heart

This memory is faint
An echo of what
Probably wasn’t
Probably was

The water calls
And I will answer

Better put on my
Climbing shoes
Dontcha think?


  1. LOVE the poem. I'm with ya, girl. 100%.

  2. I liked this and the photos, but I am curious what hidden meanings are there. That is the thing about poetry for me....the interpretation. I have misssed a few days here so I will read some of your other posts..

  3. Oh yeah!

    Beautiful poem and it does my heart good to see a landscape without snow!

  4. I love the ACTION-filled, lively and moving.

    Is that your church building?? SO impressive!! (can you see that I am green with envy?)

  5. Yes - I've been to this church once & they already asked if I would join the choir. As you know, Kim, I was a Jr. Warden at my last church. I want to take it slow (although I'm going to join the choir anyway), but I have a fear that I'll get sucked in again. We'll see!

    BTW - they can't afford a full time priest, so they have mass a couple of times a month, and just do prayers the other Sundays.

  6. spring is on the way... really!

    beautiful church.

  7. Water is so spiritual. It does speak to us.

  8. My personal interpretation is along these lines-
    we can reach great things with great effort- and that sometimes we become complacent about seeking out beauty (so get your "climbing shoes" on and find it!)

    Care to share your intentions?

  9. That was really lovely, Bug. Did you write it? It has a beautiful simplicity to it that is very stirring.

  10. The "creek" photo reminds me of home (southern KY).

    Yep, put on those climbing shoes :-)

    Gorgeous church!

  11. Yes Alane - I did write it. Thanks for the compliment!

  12. With great poems like that you should come in and join the Poetry Bus! There's alink to this week's on my "Lurve Bus" post.


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