Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Update

I'd like to apologize for the snow in these pictures - but there's not a thing I can do about it. And we're getting more even as I type this. Sigh.

I had visited this little church a couple of weeks ago (I skipped last week because I didn't want to seem to eager. Heh.). They're a small, diverse, Episcopal congregation who can't afford a rector. So the people just run the services themselves & have a priest in a couple of times a month to do communion. There is a small choir (around 12 women), and at my first visit I was asked to consider joining it. Not because of my most excellent voice (cough cough) - I don't think the director could have heard me singing from where I was sitting. Yesterday I decided to just go ahead & join. I'm an alto who doesn't really know how to sing harmony very well (I don't have the range of my youth when I used to sing the melody line). I should fit in quite well!

Yesterday after church Dr. M & I went on one of our rambles. I needed to pick up a book from Barnes & Noble, so we made it a little excursion - Indian food! Bed Bath & Beyond! The library! The pharmacy! - will the fun never end?. You know, this is exactly the type of fun I like best. It really was a beautiful day. We drove around taking pictures of more snow and generally enjoyed our time together.

As I mentioned up top there, we're getting quite a bit of snow again - it's really coming down right now. I'm sure I'll be leaving work early, and I have my doubts about getting back into work tomorrow. So, you know, I'll be taking more pictures of snow. And dreaming of spring - when I'll be complaining about my allergies instead of the snow. Well, perhaps as part of my Lenten observance I'll consider doing some work on my attitude! We shall see. And I'll most certainly be telling all of you about it.

Our town is in the middle of some fairly well known bike paths. This picture is of one of the paths - I hope those aren't bicycle tracks on there!


  1. Send some my way. I missed it by < > this much.

  2. I know, with almost the entire country blanketed, it can't be avoided.

    You'll have fun with the choir I'm sure.

  3. I think that is cool that you will be in the choir. I better come up with a Lenten discipline also....yikes..2 more days.

  4. Please send some snow our way. We are in the middle of the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver, and the magnolias are blooming. *sigh*

    I used to sing in the choir in the Anglican church (which is Episcopalian in the U.S.) and I loved it. You will have a wonderful time. Enjoy!

  5. I love snow, no matter how much falls! We actually have an inch on the ground right now, sandwiched between two layers of icy snow! Just what no one ordered and is putting me in the position of having to make decisions about canceling things, Like our mardi gras party tomorrow at church! (Yes, tomorrow. Roads don't get cleared quickly in these parts. And did I mention ice?)

    Stay warm and safe. Other than that, do as you please!

  6. I was in Jersey during the December blizzard. I unfortunately wound up needing to drive in it--scary, to be sure. While I was doing the 5 minute drive which took half an hour in the near-white-out conditions, I saw someone on a bicycle. I couldn't believe my eyes!

  7. Those totally look like bike tracks. I was a very high soprano in my day, but now I tend to gravitate towards the alto part. I tell myself it is because my students need help on that part the most, but I know the REAL reason why...ha ha. I also just love a day of putzing around!!


  8. We've just got damp here and it ain't pretty.

  9. I just heard on the radio that we Ohioan are experiencing the highest February snowfall on record. Lucky us.

  10. Huh... our little choir is, on a good day, 10 souls, but boy do we sing with gusto! Pretty church, and sad, but a fact of life that many churches can no longer afford a full time rector. We can't either.

  11. I do believe we've had enough snow. Ha!

    I can't imagine singing in the choir. I'm truly tone deaf. Yep.

  12. Looks like a really LOVELY church! And a choir with a whole DOZEN?? Holy cow! We have 4 to 8. Eight is with everyone healthy, everyone getting along. *G*


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