All We Like Sheep...

I know I’ve mentioned on here before that I have no shame. It’s mostly true. I just read an article in Self magazine called Formerly Hot, and I realized what a blessing it has been as I age that I’ve never considered myself very high in the hotness stakes. Maybe a 5 out of 10 back in my heyday. This means that I’m probably less traumatized by getting older than women who were 8s or 10s.

Looking back at pictures I see a cute girl, a little on the plump side. And now, courtesy of a college friend on Facebook, I see a sheep. I remember that Halloween - we all went as Old MacDonald’s Farm - trick-or-treating for Unicef. I don’t remember how much money we raised, or how it all went, but I do remember my incessant sneezing from the baby powder.

I think I was afraid that my "makeup" would crack if I smiled. I look like this when I'm bleaching my moustache too.

As an average girl I probably tolerated non sexy sheepdom fairly well. Interesting that I’ve spent the years since this picture trying to not be a sheep. And married to a man who is sheep-obsessed. Life is a big circle, isn’t it?


  1. I love finding circles in life! Cute.

  2. Both sheep and mouse are Uh.Dor.Uh.Bull!

  3. How did I not know that Dr. M was into sheep (surely you have shared this with me before). I adore sheep! See, WE were meant to be friends, too!

  4. Dear The Bug,
    ROFL! There are So Many Assumptions in this post I hardly know where to start!

    I sympathize with them. Aging is not fun. But the Formerly Hot thing is the same challenge everybody has, beautiful or not--which is to use or develop what we have. Not to sound catty or even moralizing, but that includes the best part of both looks and personality.

    I do think that involves some re-evaluation from time to time for all of us.

    Did their good bones go away? I think not. They are headed for a more complex view of beauty, and good for them if they grab hold of it.

    Next: why would any of these ladies agree to be interviewed as formerly hot? I would never agree that this is a strategic article to be in.

    I wish them well. And as for the sheep, holy cow! That's one barnyard I'm loath to walk through.

    LOL, you crazy lady,
    Ann T.

  5. I laughed so hard reading this and seeing the photo! You were so cute.

  6. I'm with Heidi. Circles are one of life's intriguing gifts.

  7. Hehe, the things we did as youngsters - at least it was in a good cause. I've never considered myself in any way hot, but still a little saddened by the migration south fo certain bits of me. Wouldn't want to be 20 again though - I was such an idiot.

  8. OMG is that you?
    You look so sweet and cute in that outfit.
    Life is a big circle, indeed!

    I liked the idea of baby powder...
    *aaacheww* Sorry I get sneezing attacks even thinking about it...

  9. I've heard of men who are "obsessed" with sheep. I've just never met a woman who would marry one.

  10. well - at least you weren't a rabbit!

    Glad you decided to stand out from the crowd :)

  11. Age, OMG- I certainly have all my squint lines and furrows ! not very " smooth" at all ! Having chosen to live outdoors and having the 'to hell with it' attitude, certainly didn't help!
    So all my impatience has come back to roost, on me...'Hot' ? yeah, angry- defiant.So, while not plump -well briefly in High school-I am scrawny now!

  12. The problem with 'back in the day' is that anybody who found you attractive was probably feeling the same insecurities that most of us do at that age, and thus never revealed it to you. I liked plenty of girls throughout my school years, but very few of them ever found out.

    I think that's why those movies where the awkward teens finally figure out that they BOTH like each other are so endearing.

    People often say, "If I could just go back, I'd do things differently"

    It's probably best that we can't. Live and learn.

  13. i hope that's a nice -healthy- obsession with sheep...

  14. I can`t imagine what that means, your husband being obsessed with sheep. Does he wear woolly socks in bed? Has sheep paintings over his desk?
    I think you do look like a cute girl as a sheep. At least you already DO have a bosom! (I was always a bit envious of girls who had)
    I wonder if any of us ever thought she was "hot" as a teenager. Not with that greasy hair and pimples you have then. If you already had your humour I`m sure I would have loved to be your friend (as I do now).

  15. Anne - that article was an excerpt from a book - My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young by Stephanie Dolgoff. Amazing!

    Dr. M is a lover of sheep, the animal, but only in the same way that other people love dogs & cats. But we have lots of sheep pictures & paintings & other art work. It's kind of fun living in an area where there are small sheep farms.

  16. Great, great post, Dana! I think you pull the sheep-look of rather splendidly. And I love Dr. M's comment :D

  17. thats not so baaahhhhd of a

  18. If a sheep and a penguin were to reproduce, what would that look like? Just wondering... :)

  19. In that photo you look like you're filing out of the room as normal as you please, like sheep.

  20. Thanks for this and all the laughs. I feel much the same way, never having felt "hot"--it certainly takes the pressure off!

  21. Those who are blessed with looks, riches and connections have nowhere to go but down. We will rise up and enslave the cool kids.


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