Bloom Where You’re Planted

On Saturday I finally tackled a task that I'd been avoiding for over a year. We had put up a handful of pictures in our house when we moved last July, but the rest have been stacked in the bedroom. So I finally went through them to decide what I want to hang up, what I want to get rid of, and what I want to store (because we don't have room for them). I had a grand old time. I got into one box where all the pictures were wrapped in newspaper. Just for fun I checked out the date – 1995! This box had been packed up three moves ago & never opened! Needless to say, most of those pictures went into the discard pile.

I bundled up all the newspaper and took it out to the recycling bin in the garage. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this:

"Life, uh... finds a way." Dr. Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park

Really? I posted pictures on Saturday about how, um, abundant, the cypress vine has been, but snaking under the garage door and blooming in a place where there isn't very much light? There aren't any windows in our garage, and the door isn't left open that many hours a day. Wow.

All I can say is that if this vine can find a place to bloom in the garage, then perhaps I can stop my (mostly inward) whining and pay more attention to the blessings of my life. Which apparently include flowers wherever I go!


  1. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, I have that yet to do!

    My cats were sitting in the closet today. I couldn't figure it out. Then they went back and sat in the closet some more. I think they are happy with the new, clean closet! I bet the pictures are going to look fantastic up!

    Ann T.

  2. That is so cool about that flower. It is a mystery...but very cool. I have so many tasks that I need to do but keep putting off :)

  3. It's like seeing the flowers in the sidewalk crack. I have to smile every time I see the tenacity of wanting to grow! :c)

  4. We have cat claw and that stuff will sneak in everywhere.

  5. smiles. there is a great message and wisdom in this post...perhaps i should as well. smiles.

  6. What a wonderful sight. I love the idea of flowers following you where ever you go... a miraculous gift!

    And I love doing the hanging pictures thing. Alex and I have an art wall where we put our creations. Now that the wall is full we often find ourselves having to choose what to take down and what to move where... its just a great way to actually take time to consider the things you otherwise just pass by.

  7. The cypress vine blooming in the dark garage - that's one of God's infinite miracles.


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