The Poetry Bus Doesn’t Want to Wake Up

This week the bus is being driven by the slightly manic Chiccoreal, who is asking us to actually use our brains right as we wake up. Here is my early morning thought process:

The Snooze Button

I slap the infernal machine
several times until I hit
the correct button.
Ah quiet!

In 8 minutes I'll get up,
face the day,
shower and towel,
and do something
to this hair.

But not just yet.
I'd rather snuggle
for 8 minutes
with my dreams
of trying to find
a bathroom.


  1. Dennis can relate. It's even harder to wake up when you sleep in a cupboard above the refrigerator.

  2. This was like reading my very own thoughts, Dana! I'm not a morning person at all, so I'd much rather snooze for an extra 8 minutes - those 8 minutes can make a big difference :)

  3. Perfect for a Sunday morning. Or all mornings for that matter.

  4. Very cool- I try not to use an alarm any more for just the reasons you mentioned !

    Since I can't link here's mine:

    Poetry Bus: Vera and the Dang Dog
    Vera and the dog
    the dang dog,

    Vera and the dog
    went out to play-

    The dog and the ball
    The dog and the stick,

    Vera and the dog,
    and the ball and the stick !

    Vera and the dog
    the brown dog,

    Vera and the dog and the stick!

    Round and round-
    up and down,

    Vera and the dog, all day!

  5. Too funny. That is so me. I am always wanting just 8 more minutes. :)

  6. Hope you enjoyed some snooze time this morning, too!

  7. Oh, that happens to me too, both the wanting to snooze and the terrible panicky dreams of looking for a loo, that's why the very best option is get up and go, then back undercovers for a real snooze.
    Anyway - very well described here, snuggling with dreams,,, aww

  8. lol - recognition. Great piece :)

  9. I can't afford a Snooze Button . . . but I get the point and love the poe . . .zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  10. Slap that infernal machine. Slap it!

    I hate them things.

  11. Poor l'il infernal machine..:D
    Those life-saver 8 mins!
    Okay!I should/need to do something outta the bush on my head!

  12. This is great, Dana. Love the thought processes of deciding to finally get that day going.

  13. Oh those 8 mins are SO precious aren't they? And you dream of bathrooms!?
    Cozy and dozy and dreamy.I likes!

  14. Dreaming of the Bathroom

    All mod cons, but
    there was something to be said
    for the days when we had
    a pot, under the bed.


  15. This is a poem for ME! Gotta love that snooze button.

  16. Dear The Bug,
    I hate them so much, and I do terrible things to them when I am asleep. I find them disconnected b/c I have thrown them across the room, or upside down, or who knows.

    Obviously I can't find the mute button, LOL!

    I feel just like you. Sleep needs a bookend, that period of last winks!

    Ann T.


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