Project 365 – Week Thirty-Five

Sunday, August 22nd
Despite the fact that this week contains a little more variety in pictures, we start out with a little hummingbird action. (Little. Hummingbird. I kill myself).

Later that evening Dr. M got a picture of some mushrooms thriving behind our garden. The rest of the yard might be crackly dry, but The Watering Man keeps his garden moist enough for mushrooms!

Monday, August 23rdMonday was such a nice day that I went out to my car at lunch & listened to my audio book a while (a better plan would be to put on my walking shoes & listen to the book while I walk, but let's not get crazy now).

That night Dr. M took a picture of the full moon. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, August 24th
On Tuesday I downloaded a new audio book. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't recommend any of the books you see listed there, although the Fern Michaels series The Sisterhood is actually very entertaining. I just get annoyed with the soliloquies the characters are so fond of. You know, where a normal book might have a pause & a back & forth between characters, these ones just keep talking until they've said everything on their minds & then they let the other person talk. Very annoying. Well, and the fact that the plot is extra implausible. But a little implausibility hasn't really stopped me from enjoying a book in the past.

Wednesday, August 25th
I just noticed that last Wednesday's post had tomatoes in it too – but here are my grape tomatoes, still going strong.

If there's a Reds or Braves game on, we're watching it.

Thursday, August 26th
Thursday was a gorgeous day, so Dr. M & I both couldn't resist taking pictures. This first one is one I took on my way home from work.

Here's a finch picture Dr. M took. I like how it looks like the finch is doing some sort of yoga – Downward Bird perhaps?

One of our dry cornfields, on Dr. M's way home from work.

The spires of Antioch College. It went bankrupt a few years ago, but it's planning on reopening. It's a lovely campus. Dr. M drives by it every day. I have a secret hope that he would get a job there – it's closer than his current school. However, perhaps he should wait until it's actually a viable enterprise again. (Please note, Dr. M doesn't necessarily share this pipe dream. That's ok - I think it's healthy for couples to have separate pipe dreams).

Friday, August 27th
It's the Tax Time Pig! This week she's Minnie Mouse.

Dr. M got this picture of a finch who appears to be checking out the antics of a squirrel running across our yard.

Saturday, August 28th
Today I went to a birthday party for three year old twins. Oh man I'm exhausted & all I did was take pictures & eat cake. Fortunately it was held at a petting farm in Cincinnati – it was fun watching the kids pet the animals (although some of them weren't too sure about these creatures). Here are a handful of pictures I took.

I dream of a day when ducks & chickens can sit down at a meal together…

On my way home I finally stopped to take a picture of a tobacco barn I pass every day. It's actually the same farm that has sheep, but I haven't seen them very often this summer – they're too smart to be out in the sun! I don't like smoking or the smell of cigarettes, but I'll bet the tobacco in this barn smells like heaven – really!

While I was at the birthday party, Dr. M took some excellent butterfly pictures - now that you've read my post you have to go here to see his pictures.

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  1. Man, you are on the ball! I haven't even thought of downloading the photos from my camera yet :)
    Your cherry tomatoes made me drool all over my keyboard. I can't even remember what a real tomato tastes like. The ones in the store have NO taste at all, they merely provide color for the salad or sandwich. Ick.
    That's good news that Antioch is reopening; I think your pipe dream is a worthy one. Except then we'd miss the cool photos he takes to and from work! :)
    Guess I'd better go find my camera now...

  2. I'm glad you survived the party, and also glad to hear Antioch is reopening. Yellow Springs is such a cool place!

  3. You two missed your true calling--photography! May be a retirement hobby ;)
    Love your narrative too, so think about mixing the two gifts. We may be seeing gorgeous books by The Bug and Dr. M (or are they available already?)
    Discovered the Poetry Bus when I came to your blog. Here's mine, FWIW, quick and easy, an acrostic:

    Students are the
    Centerpiece, my focus.
    Helping them
    Open up mind and heart to new ways
    Oh, the joys of
    Learning and laughing together!

  4. Ok, I need to know who changes the pigs you know?

    your tomatoes look so more here. they are all burned up!

    my husband and I have different pipe dreams too....very different!!!

  5. Loving all the outdoor pictures. I took one of the full moon too. How funny.
    Those grape tomatoes look delish.

  6. You are too funny...Downward Bird! Love it!!
    Oh the tax pig. You just never know what it will be.
    The moon looks great.
    You keep dreaing your dreams...I think it is necessary!
    Have a super week!!

  7. Those upside down birds had me giggling. And that minnie mouse pig is hysterical...especially with the yellow shoes and mask...seriously! You and hubby got some great shots this week. I took a pic of the full moon on sunday night but didn't post it...small world as I saw it somewhere else too. Have a great week.

  8. WOW! What a great week in pictures you had.

    Just amazing. My humming birds have all gone to other parts now that my cana lilies are gone!

    I just love farm animals. Secretly i would love to have some chickens, goats and a few cows but fear the covenant compliance folks would not think to kindly upon that, not to mention my postage stamp size back yard. One day maybe when I am old and even gray-er I hope to have room for chickens!

    Wonderful week, LOVED IT!

  9. Oh how I love Tax Time pig, cracks me up. Glad you had a great weather week, it was hot here until the weekend then...ahhhh!!

    Downward bird, makes me sore just thinking about that.

    P.S. the critter was a teeny-tiny mouse...ha ha.

  10. What fun, intersting pics! I'm glad you've started posting them!

  11. your pics are awesome
    loved seeing them
    thx 4 sharing

  12. Dear The Bug,
    What a variety as usual! I too would love to tour a tobacco barn.

    I would also love to see those yoga Goldfinches and eat those cherry tomatoes!!

    Another great week!
    Ann T.

  13. An audio-book in the car sounds much more cozy. :) Those yoga-focused birds crack me up!


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