Project 365 – Week Thirty-Three

Note - if you'd like to see more of our pictures from this week you should check out these two posts by Dr. M - here and here. They're pretty fabulous!

Sunday, August 8th
You'll notice a theme this week – our pictures are for the birds! Dr. M took nearly all the pictures & there was a lot of bird activity in our back yard. The bird bath was very popular since it's been so hot & dry. Here is the first of five birdbath pictures.

And here is one of our squashes. I think they look so odd while they're growing.

Monday, August 9th
On Monday took these butterfly pictures – I think it's the same butterfly, but the light hits it so differently that in one picture its wings are translucent & in the other picture they're fairly opaque. Do ya'll agree – same dude?

Here's another birdbath picture. I laugh every time I see it – as Dr. M says in his Facebook caption – Did you have to do that? Heh.

Tuesday, August 10th
With so much activity in the birdbath there is bound to be some debris. I love this feather.

Wednesday, August 11th
On Wednesday Dr. M took this cow picture on his way home from school. I don't know why, but the combo of the color of the cow & the color of the grass is just very pleasing to me – I think this is the third cow picture I've posted for that very reason.

More birdbath fun – this little fellow is REALLY getting into the splashing!

After seeing all the little birds, this dove looks like Godzilla or something. If you look you can see a wasp taking a drink of water in the birdbath too. I have a close-up of the wasp below.

Thursday, August 12th
On Thursday Dr. M followed a hummingbird and a butterfly around. I think he got some pretty good shots!

Here's a close-up of that "coming in for a landing" shot

Friday, August 13th
On Friday I took a picture of some banana peppers that we left on the vine to change color. Wonder if they'll taste any good?

And here is a picture of a wind chime that has been totally claimed by the tomatoes. Can you see it in there?

For reference, here's a picture from July 8th where you can see the wind chime pretty well – it's the one on the right.

Saturday, August 14th

Today I've spent most of the morning doing bookkeeping stuff - shredding checks for an old account, updating accounts with a new phone number, reconciling statements. I did a lot of shredding!

Then I went out into the sauna to check out the yard. It's so hot & muggy here - I really hope we have some rain this weekend! A couple of weeks ago I had taken this next picture to show how the cyprus vine was making its way up a step ladder we had left in one spot for too long.

Well look at it now! It's practically a jungle in this little area. Good thing we don't use that door into the garage very often.

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  1. that is an amazing picture of the butterfly coming in for a landing.

    My birdbath has been very popular too.

  2. I like the cow, too. It looks coy, just showing it's eyes.

  3. Such a wealth of wildlife! My pictures this week would have all been my cat - and puddles, lots of puddles. Nice to see how other people live.

  4. We learned toplay games better if we are playing with other people. Sound like a couple of kids. I love your cow picture. How do you get the framing around your pics - love it !!!

  5. Great pics! I like all the bird pics - they all capture something unique. Butterfly is beautiful - amazing how different the same creature can look! And I like the cow too! I am a brown cow girl - don't really care for the black and white ones, but a brown one - too cute!

  6. Y'all take some truly amazing photos! Lovin' the bird bath pictures -- great caption on the one, too. :)

    I'm trying to upload my photos for this week and it's taking FOREVER. While the photos load, I'm trying to catch up on blogs. It was a CRAZY busy week and I'm behind in everything.

  7. Your photos are all beautiful but I especially love the one of the butterfly coming in to land.

  8. Love seeing all your birdie visitors! And yes, that Cloudless Sulphur can look very different with light coming through his wings.

  9. your pictures are always so good!!

    love the birds...the one splashing around is great.

    I love, love yellow squash!!! yum.

    I think most of the midwest and south is ready for some cooler temps for sure!!!

  10. Dana, I adore your birdbath photos! We have two birdbaths in our backyard - one standing on a pedestal, the other a short one on the porch for the smaller animals. We get the grackles and cardinals and sparrows and finches in the tall one, and the squirrels, chippies, rabbits - and yes, the odd wasp taking a drink on a regular basis. (We keep it topped up every day.)
    Last evening, as we had our dinner, a tiny mouse appeared and skittered across the concrete - he was like one of those wind-up toys the way he shot back and forth!

    Putting your pic up on shadowstalking today.


  11. I forgot to mention the black=capped chickadees. We get loads of them and I love them!

  12. INCREDIBLE butterfly pictures!

    I like your haircut, too. You have a beautiful smile!

  13. Love all of those birdbath shots! And you are all so fast with your lens to be able to get those shots of butterflies and wasps and hummingbirds! And that cow picture is the color contrast as well. hope you have a great week.

  14. Amazing, beautiful pictures! Those birds crack me up... and the butterflies are just beautiful. Your ladder made me *giggle*. Hehee...

  15. What gorgeous pics... Have to know... what camera are you using? I loved that you caught the splash of water with the birds!

  16. Lori - we have a Nikon D5000. It was my birthday present in March & we've thoroughly enjoyed it!

  17. Love all the birds this week! The splashing one is fun. That feather looks huge after seeing those little birds!
    The squash is an interesting shape. I think the stalks look like celery.
    You put that shredder to good use!!
    Have a super week!

  18. Dear The Bug,
    I love the birds, wasps, and butterflies in action! I think the cow's reddish tint is made more so by the green of the grass.

    Anyway, I caught some birds giving themselves dust baths on a nearby street. They were having a good time! Unfortunately the pix didn't turn out.

    Another great week!
    Ann T.

  19. ALL your photos (and Dr. M's) are a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I just can't believe the action shots!

  20. Okay I love the birds in the bird bath.. they just look like they are having soo much fun!

  21. Yes, that "landing" butterfly is amazing! Who knew they held their legs like that when landing?! Sort of looks like he's praying that all goes well... Ha!


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