Weekly Wordzzle – the cheese edition

Here I am posting my Wordzzle– early even! I've discovered that once I've used the words in a story it's hard for me to think of using them in a different way – which is why you mostly just get two stories or one big one. That will be the next thing for me to work on. Today's entries are short &, um, sweet?

You should go to Raven's blog to read the other Wordzzle participants. And join in – it can be addictive!

Here are the words for the mini: pepper, island, quintuplets, organic, treaty

I need to make peace with my digestive system. Perhaps a treaty of some kind? I'll avoid the organic pepper from now on, & it will avoid making me feel as though I'm giving birth to quintuplets. Otherwise I might have to move an island. I'm just sayin'.

And here is the 10-word challenge: swiss cheese, operation, frantic, quizzical, control, shallow, wedding, paranoid, orange, marginal

Memory can be a fragile thing. Mine is often like swiss cheese – and I am frantic, looking for milk and brine and mystery to fill those holes. All my efforts are marginal, at best. I can't control what bides or dies in the shallow recesses of my mind. Of course this leaves me feeling paranoid. Why do you insist on shining a light into those cheeseless spaces? After all of these meals of ham & swiss you are surely not surprised that I can't remember whether or not I washed your orange t-shirt (which I did – I just put it in with my shirts by accident), or that I can't quite grasp the operation of the remote control? I remember the important things, like the barn what ain't a barn, and kissing your nose every night, and that quizzical look on your face after our wedding, and that you're the dearest in all the world (in all the world? In all the world…).



  1. I don't know how you do it, Dana, but you do! I would never be able to fit all those odd words into one story and make it coherent. Both of yours are a delight to read, and they feel so natural :D

  2. Is he really a head taller than you!

  3. Oh lovely wordzzles the mini was funny and so compact the idea of havng to move to an island if you don't sort out your digestion system really made me smile but I did wince as well!

    The main a touch of genius. Reading this reminded my of my grandmother in the last few months of her life
    "I can't control what bides or dies in the shallow recesses of my mind." This is such telling sentence using control and shallow in the same sentence serves to emphasise the chasm - well for me it does.

  4. i particularly enjoyed "Why do you insist on shining a light into those cheeseless spaces?" - great phrase and both good stories

  5. Genius. That's all I have to say. The second one was funny and touching at the same time.. the best combination of things.

  6. I'm still that tall (6'1" to The Bug's 5'4"), but oh, how I wish I was that thin! Loved that tux...thanks, Jimmy, for the excellent fit. What you can't really appreciate is that there are three of us in that picture: The Bug, myself, and The Dress!

  7. Short and sweet indeed! Perfect wordzzles. First was a nice, concise wordzzle gem and the second beautifully written and beautifully felt... as others have pointed out, so many wonderful phrases. Sometimes when I can't move from how I've used the words, to do the mega, I just make a sequel.

  8. Bug you are just a terribly creative person. I live what you do with words.

  9. This was SO fun! I'm checking out this meme!

  10. Big, these were great! The moving to an island bit made me smile too. The language in your 10-worder was just lovely: "cheeseless spaces", etc. I love the mix of tenderness, profundity and gentle comedy in this. Excellent Wordzzling!

  11. Dear The Bug,
    Swiss cheese brain, eh? I want you to stop writing about me like this.

    Been there, still doing that!

    Ann T.


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