2011 Project 365 – Week Thirty-Five

This week my dad & Amy came to visit & we had a great time. I’m so glad they were here – Dr. M started back to school and I would have been so bored at home alone all week!

Sunday, August 21st   
Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. I don’t know why, but they just always look so annoyed by the hoi polloi.

Our cypress vine is in its element these days – just lovely.

Monday, August 22nd
I had my post-op doctor’s visit on Monday. He released me to return to work next Monday – yippee! It was a gorgeous day – I took a picture of the clouds through the sun roof & then a State of the Bug picture – free!

Tuesday, August 23rd  
The woodpeckers love the seed block.

Daddy & Amy arrived Monday evening. We spent some time hanging out on Tuesday & then went out for Mexican food that night.

Wednesday, August 24th  
Daddy, Amy & I spent the day together. You can read about it here, but here are a couple of pictures from Young’s Jersey Dairy. I’m in an ice cream stupor here.

Daddy & Amy went to check out the Jersey cows.

Thursday, August 25th       
The goldfinches are back! We haven’t seen very many this summer.

I had a couple of home health care visits scheduled, so Daddy & Amy went to the National Museum of the Air Force on Thursday. Amy’s first husband flew in a B-24 in WWII, so she was interested in checking out the planes on display. While they were there they bought this great coffee table book.

Friday, August 26th
Daddy & Amy drove home today. Oh well, I guess they don’t actually live here. Darn. On the plus side, check out the weekly squirrel. I know that its compatriot on the ground really appreciates all its hard work!

Another State of the Bug picture in the “free” category. I drove for the first time since my surgery. It was a really exciting trip to the Walgreens to get dental floss, eye cream, & Vitamin E oil for my scar. And score! They had Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins at the register!

Saturday, August 27th
We’ve started our 2nd annual tomato ripening stations. Here’s the outdoor one, with just a few getting started.

And here’s the indoor one, with tomatoes just about ready to eat.

My lunch today – mini pierogi, zucchini from our garden, tomato from Daddy’s garden and garlic cheese curds from Young’s Jersey Dairy. Yum!

Go to Sara’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!


  1. Nice to see you looking so well! Sounds like you are having fun with your family.

  2. To explain, our tomato vines are very happy and prolific, but tomatoes do not want to ripen on the vine, especially this year. I think it's mostly because they are only in full sun until mid-afternoon, at best. In any event, I started about two weeks ago doing what I did last September and October: picking the tomatoes early and putting them on a glass table in full sun for a couple of days. Once they start turning red, I move them to the kitchen table where they finish ripening. We have plenty for ourselves and Mr. Ken and his wife, so life is good :-)

  3. Okie-doke. You've had surgery! Well. I missed that. But I must say you look wonderful - and what a great week you've had.

    I love - no, I adore - squirrels, so I really liked that photo. And the cardinals. I think I started liking them when I was growing up in Iowa and they'd be that bright spot of red in the wintertime. They always make me think of Christmas.

  4. You look positively radiant, Dana. How does your hip feel?

    I love your squirrel shots this week. Very cute.

  5. the bird shots are great - and good to see you looking equally great.

  6. homegrown tomatoes are simply the best. yummy. you guys must live in such a bird-friendly area. you have the prettiest birds right in your very own backyard. hope you are still recovering well from your surgery! ((hugs))

  7. So glad you had fun with your dad and Amy!! And even more glad that you had a good report at the doctors and are FREE!!!

    Our tomatoes did AW FUL this year..they just got burned up. I really missed having fresh tomatoes.

  8. so glad youre back up and at 'em. i gave you a 'shout out' on my blog this week. ;-)

  9. It sounds like a great week. Mexican sounds great right now!

    Hugs & love,

  10. You look great! I'm glad you're enjoying your freedom.

    Hugs & love,

  11. Loved the birds. You look great girl! Tomatoes around here are doing the same things....the ones taken in...ripen. The ones on the vine...not so much. It is just too blasted hot.

  12. Loved the birds. You look great girl! Tomatoes around here are doing the same things....the ones taken in...ripen. The ones on the vine...not so much. It is just too blasted hot.

  13. So happy to hear that you have been cleared back to work tomorrow. Take care of you though...it was a long hard day the first day back after my surgery...don't over do it. So glad that your dad could come and visit. And that dish with all the fresh beggies looks delish..we love perogies here too!

  14. The Bug looks great! And I love Mrs. Cardinal. Good to see Mr. and Mrs. Daddy.

  15. Wowzers that food looks so good and your picture in the ice cream stupor is so cute. YOu are too funny.

  16. Sounds like you had a great week with your dad around! How fun he could come and visit you on your last week at home. So, are you anxious to get back to work? Or will you miss the availibility to do nothing?

  17. You did have a good week! I am so happy that you are up and getting around with no issues!

    Good luck this week as you start back to work!

    Totally jealous, my tomato production was very poor this year. It was better than last year but I still did not get very many...:(

    Yours look so gooooood!


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