Monday Miscellaney

It's after midnight & I'm wide awake - guess I'm just too excited about going back to work to go to sleep. It's like Christmas! Heh. I wonder if I'll think it's like Christmas at 6:00 a.m. when the alarm goes off? Ah well, I decided to go ahead & write my Monday Miscellany post instead of reading (I'm currently reading another serial killer novel - NOT good middle-of-the-night fare).

  • The other night I dreamed that I was covering for a librarian on her lunch break. While she was gone my main responsibility was to find a quiet place for a young lady to work out a math theorem as part of an entrance exam for school. We looked everywhere & that was one loud & busy library! Music, dancing, talking, everywhere. After I finally found a good spot for her I asked what the theorem was (like I would even understand it). It was to solve this equation: 1,000,000 pine trees divided by 100 squirrels = X. Really? I know I'm taking pain meds, but that is a pretty bizarre equation. I blame Over the Hedge. 
  • This is going to be TMI (sorry Dr. M) but I find myself thanking God (really!) for a bodily function that used to be pretty regular before my surgery. Now it's kind of hit or miss, and I am very appreciative when things work correctly.  
  • Speaking of prayer, the neighbor boy next door told Dr. M tonight that he's having an biopsy of his liver tomorrow. Please keep Austin &  his family in your prayers because that sounds pretty scary to us.
  • Tonight as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep I was filled with this immense feeling of well-being, of all being right in the world, that I am being watched over, and that life is great. I'm so very thankful for that feeling, even if it might be what's causing me to stay awake!

Well, I'm going to get off of here & try to get some sleep. I'll let you know how work goes tomorrow!


  1. I love the squirrel problem. Very funny.

    Have a great first day back at work.

  2. Have a great day back at work. The key word is fiber. Buy some Benefiber to sprinkle over or into almost anything.

  3. happy back to work day!

    happy um, bathroom breaks! ;)

    praying for austin...

    that dream was funny!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hope you have a good day.

  5. Any update for Austin? Are you sure it was a biopsy and not a dinner he was just hoping was a science experiment? I mean, liver ...

    Seriously, let us know.

    Glad you're feeling so much better!


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