Taking a Dip

Last night I dreamed.
I dreamed and it was
Chaos and Confusion
and you.

Well, the you
who inhabits
such dreams.
Diligently tending
the wounded
you sent me away.

You sent me away
and told me to swim.
Drench my pain and
bathe my boredom
with cool clear chlorine.

In my dream I felt
your love & concern
and a mother’s
impatience to get
me out from underfoot

Listening to my mother
for a change,
I slid into the water.


  1. Amazing.

    I find it hard to take my mother's advice sometimes, and then I realize she probably is on to something important that I may have missed.

    Really powerful expression here.

  2. As a mother, I would hope I could recognize the need and would stop tending the wounded to tend to my own daughter's pain.

    Thanks for making me pause and think.

  3. Here's my 5 cent interpretation - since she can't actually be here to help me physically anymore, she's pointing me toward my own healing. Maybe. It was a dream after all, & not all of the elements made sense. :)

  4. Just because you can't see her, doesnt mean she's not there.
    I am sure she is watching over you from somewhere, I bet they miss the opportunity to scold us.

  5. Oh, I felt that. Good writing.

  6. For a change! :)

    I think your interpretation makes a lot of sense.


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