Thankful Thursday on a Wednesday Night

This is my last Thankful Thursday…until after my hip surgery. So, that right there is something to be thankful about! What else?

·         I’m thankful that I actually woke up on time this morning – I have no memory of hearing or turning off my alarm clock.

·         I love that I make myself laugh on a daily basis. Like today when I almost had a worker’s comp claim when I injured myself putting new staples in the stapler. Really! That thing is a menace!

·         I also laughed as I was trying to take pictures of the Queen Anne’s Lace that is so abundant on the roadsides right now.

·         Oh look – I was somewhat successful. Kinda hard when you’re driving…

·         Here’s another thing I was laughing about. I was grousing that there was so much traffic on my way home – why there are about 10 cars in front of me! Usually there are only about two or three. I guess I’m a little bit spoiled.

·         I’m so so thankful that at least for now there’s nothing wrong with my kidneys.

·         I’m just beyond thankful for the squirrel in our back yard that is causing Dr. M to guffaw in the kitchen. The squirrel is burying sunflower seeds all over our yard & then running back under the bird feeder to get more – scattering all the sparrows as he goes. Dr. M is calling it Bowling for Sparrows. Too funny!

OK, that’s enough for now. What are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for my grandkids who love me.

  2. I remember queen ann's lace.....praying all goes will with your surgery!

    Keep us posted of your progress.....


  3. I'm thankful that this surgery will be over soon!

    I'm thankful for the sunflowers that will be in bloom all over your yard next summer!

    I'm thankful that my car only need a new battery and not major work on the electrical system (it was acting possessed)

    Blessings and prayers for your successful surgery and recovery!

  4. when is your surgery?

    I am thankful I have air conditioning today..114 outside!

  5. Wow. Is it August already? Your surgery is soon. I don't think we should let you cheat us out of a Thankful Thursday though. Just do one ahead of time so we can ponder your thoughts.

    I want video on the squirrel, sparrows and Dr. M guffaws.

    I am thankful your kidneys are OK, too. I thought of you and those precious organs the other day as I washed down a couple of advil. We take a lot for granted, don't we?

  6. i guess today i'm thankful for the rain that is taking the edge of the recent heat

  7. I'm with Don't Feed the Pixies - a cool day is something to be thanksful for after this humid spel we've been having. I'll keep everything crossed for your surgery to go well.

  8. Good luck with your surgery.
    Squirrels are great gardeners aren't they?

  9. I am thankful for the Queen Ann's Lace, too. I love seeing it along the road. I told my husband he should pick some of them for me. I only want a few to put in an old mason jar. Wouldn't that be pretty? When I was a kid, we would put them in black ink and they would change color in a day or two.

  10. Best prayers for your hippy thingy tomorrow. you make me smile with your lovely thanks day!

  11. Break a leg with your surgery, girlie!!!
    Love Queen Anne's Lace. Got poison ivy one year trying to reallocate it into my yard:>)


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