Thankful Thursday

Ah Thursday. The day of thankfulness. Mostly because both words start with “th” & you can’t really have a meme without some kind of alliteration, right? If you’ve guessed that I’m being snarky because I’m feeling pretty perky, you’re right! I love Thankful Thursday & I’m only poking gentle fun. Really!

So, what’s got me grateful today?

·         Dr. M’s new blog post. While I’ve been mired in my own recovery & sussing out each individual pain to determine if it’s “normal” or not (according to the interwebs, it is normal), Dr. M has been suffering with the northeast as they reel from Hurricane Irene. And of course, being him, he found some Hurricane Victim Sheep. Check it out here!

·         I’m back at work! Woo hoo! The first day I did almost all the work that had accumulated in my 3 week absence. The second day I finished it up, and now I’m totally back to normal. I was pretty exhausted after those first two days, and that leads me to my next bullet point…

·         I’m so grateful for a boss who says for me to do what I need to do – work through lunch, leave early, whatever. He’s just glad I’m back. That feels pretty good!

·         Our back yard. It’s just been a delight, between the ridiculous number of geranium blossoms, to the hummingbirds, to the ridiculous number of other birds having a grand old time back there. We have had the best time just watching it all.

·         I seem to have a new attitude toward fall this year. Usually it gives me great sadness to contemplate the end of summer, but I think the heat this year has just done me in. I’m ready for cooler temps and I was looking with nostalgia at some photos of last year’s snows. What? Maybe I have a fever…

·         Finally, I am always & evermore thankful for my dear sweet husband. He worked so hard to make our house walker-ready, to do things for me that I couldn’t do for myself, to be a good host to Daddy & Amy even though he’d started teaching last week… He’s just the very best (yes, dear, even better than Mavis).

So, what are you thankful for today?


  1. Beautiful pink, flowers Mrs. Bug.

    I'm thankful for my daughter. She's been so patient with my crazy schedule and is still getting her homework done.

  2. It is so good to have an understanding boss and to be appreciated for what you do. Also, I don't mind seeing this summer pass. And so, I am grateful for the coming of fall and the cooler temps and the thought of being able to sit outside again without being devoured by bugs.

  3. This summer has been so brutal coupled with the drought.

    I'm just thankful to be here.

  4. Thankful? I am on vacation for the next 6 days. Yay!

    With trepidation, I went and peeked at the victim sheep. Poor things. I wonder if their fleece is cleaner now, or dirtier. Talk about vegetable matter! I can't imagine what a spinner would pick out of that wool.

    I'm ready for fall, Dana, but not winter.

    Lastly, I'm thankful to you for the link to the jammies. I am buying some this week and will report back to you on their efficacy.

  5. Oh MY! Those pink, pink, PINK geraniums. So gorgeous. No wonder the hummingbirds are frequenting your property. Hey, I missed the last post, but you need some Gregory House-esque flames painted on the side of your cane. Or, if that's not your style, some pink trailing ivy geraniums. Check out the craft store for some decals/stickers if you're (or the Dr.) not much of a painter. Why not "be stylin'" as some of my students used to say?

  6. Ooh that's a GREAT idea Nance! Although it will have to be a collaboration because Dr. M uses the cane sometimes.

  7. so glad to see you are still recovering just dandy. your back yard looks so green... so sad next to pix of ours in the midst of this drought. no bueno. yay for being back to a normal routine. and having an understanding boss... and hubs. ;)


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