On Fridays Pearl does this thing where she uses the songs on her iPod to predict what the weekend will be like. Since I'm between audio books and actually listened to music this morning on my way to work I decided to try the same thing. Yes, I'm totally stealing this idea from Pearl. So, what did my trusty ancient old Palm Pilot have to say this morning?

"Bluer State" by John Gorka (Writing in the Margins)
"New Kid in Town" by Trisha Yearwood (Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles)
"Arms Length" by John Gorka (Writing in the Margins)
"Polly Gone Home" by Allison Krass & Robert Plant (Raising Sand)
"Miss Chatelaine" by K.D. Land (Ingenue)
"Perfect Love" by Marc Cohn (Marc Cohn)
"Cocaine" by a bunch of guys (Pickin' on Clapton)
"Lyin' Eyes" by Diamond Rio (Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles)
"Get Right with God" by Lucinda Williams (Essence)
"He Waits For Me" by Eliza Gilkyson (Beautiful World)

It looks like someone is going to have a really crazy weekend which will require some repentance on Sunday. Frankly, I hope it's not me - I need some rest!
I've been looking forward to baseball season FOREVER (as you may or may not have noticed). But it's dawning on me that unless something changes, the Braves won't be all that this year. I mean, I'm still singing, "...and the home of the Braves..." in my car in the mornings, but there's more of a question mark at the end now ("...and the home of the Braves?"). On the other hand, my adopted team, the Reds, seem poised to have a most excellent year. They just signed that surly cutie Joey Votto to a long term deal (he even has his own cereal now!) & they still have that ebullient cutie Brandon Phillips. So there should be some baseball enjoyment this year.
To totally flip this post on its head, I'd like to mention that it's Easter weekend. I've already been to a Maundy Thursday service (foot washing!) and tonight is Good Friday. Both of these services are somber as we consider the events of the last days of Jesus' life. And I find it so ironic to be focused on this, the greatest advocate of the poor and sick in human history (where do you think Mother Theresa learned her stuff?) during a time when the poor and sick are being swept away by what some people consider righteousness. Can we really celebrate resurrection on Easter morning while "the least of these" are still dismissed as inconveniences? What Would Jesus Do? Really - what would Jesus do?


  1. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

    LOVE your header photo! LOVE!

  2. "the poor and sick are being swept away..."

    Wow, isn't that the truth. It's a sad commentary on the "me" generation.

    Happy Easter Dana. :)


  3. It is said "the meek shall inherit the earth." Not sure it will be worth much when they do, though.

  4. I can't say with certainty what Jesus might do. But I am fairly certain he WOULD NOT give the rich more and take even more from the poor and disenfranchised.

    We adopted the Reds when we lived in Cincinnati for three years. That was long ago in the days of Pete Rose.

  5. It is my opinion that when Jesus comes back He's gonna be really MAD!

  6. Well said, dear Bug! Standing ovation here!

    Have a beautiful Easter weekend. ♥

  7. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be too happy with all the things that are said and done in his name.

  8. A weekend that invokes the spirit of "Miss Chatelaine" sounds pretty fabulous to me. I could do without the cocaine, though.

    Happy Easter, and Amen! I really wish Jesus would return and clear up all these misconceptions.

  9. happy easter bug x

    I like to think Jesus's first action would just be to start reminding people that his basic message was to be kind to one another

  10. Don't even get me started about all of the faux Christianity (or Xianity) out there.


    Have a lovely weekend.


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