Low & Slow over at Flight Plan has nominated me for an award (thanks Scott!) - & this one is pretty easy. The instructions are that you need to link to the person who gave you the award (done!) & then answer some questions. Then you're supposed to nominate other people, but this is where I always disobey the rules - just know that you're all sunshine to me :)

OK, here are the questions:

Favorite color: Purple, unless it's red. Or maybe blue. Sometimes it's yellow. 

Favorite animal: Penguin!

Up with Penguins! Down with Bears!

Favorite number: 3/3 because that means it's my birthday.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Diet Sundrop.

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I don't have a fancy phone & don't have time to check twitter once I get home from work.

My passion: The Atlanta Braves! And my new passion is crocheting. And maybe someday I'll figure out what I'm doing.

Favorite flower: Peonies.

Favorite movie: Joe vs. the Volcano. Although lately I've been thinking about Blazing Saddles a lot.

Favorite painting: There are a lot of paintings I like, but I think that my favorite is the one that Dr. M painted for me.


  1. I love peonies, too. I remember my grandmother's house (and ours, too) surrounded by them. I'd sit and watch the ants on them for hours. I always thought the ants opened the flowers. Now, grownup botanists tell me that's not true. I don't believe them.

    Your painting's just wonderful! And look at the V of birds - geese, maybe? I especially like the fence - wouldn't it be fun to live in a place with a fence like that?

    Can you believe I've never heard of Diet Sundrop? It must be an orange drink, yes?

    Happy week!

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  3. Love the painting! And peonies, too. I have never seen Joe vs. the Volcano. (I initially typed Hoe vs. the Volcano, but I think that must be the sequel).

  4. What?! Your favorite animal is not sheep?

  5. Not a single cow. :-(

    Baseball and crochet don't inspire passion in me, so you have no competition (or companionship, though, either) from me for those.

    We used to have a whole row of peonies along the back fence. They met their end in a huge landscaping project and were replaced by a row of formal boxwood. I miss them, but as you know, they are terribly messy things. Also, they wreaked havoc on Rick's allergies. Loved the deep, deep burgundy ones, though.

  6. Peonies are so beautiful.

    Love the painting. He made a painting for you. How romantic.

  7. Dear Nance: There are cows in another painting. Yes, there is also a painting that has sheep. This one is called "Kentucky Twilight, so I thought it important to have horses, along with a donkey (can't have a Kentucky mule without a Kentucky jackass, lol). The dog is my brother's dog Roscoe, and the tractor is my father's Allis-Chalmers 1949B model, both of North Carolina, but the barn, etc., is pure Kentucky. Thanks for noticing the geese, shoreacres!!! They're subtle...
    Steve: Hoe vs. the Volcano!!! You crack me up :-)

  8. Our peonies are just about to bloom. They smell so good...just wish they lasted longer. That is nice painting Dr M did. It looks a little bit folk to me...I like folk art.
    Congrats on the are indeed Sunshine!

  9. I suppose my burgundy peonies will be blooming before June this year. They are the very essence of the word 'bloom' aren't they? Also, I agree with Brenda, you are sunshine, Dana. Congratulations.

    I enjoy the romantic notion of painting a picture for the one you love. Beautiful.

  10. How romantic to have a painting especially for you. I love your list, my favourite colour is purple too:)

  11. You're so funny :) I have a bit of trouble picking "a" favorite color too. Depends on what it's on!

    That's very sweet that you picked Dr. M's painting. Maybe now he'll paint you another one :)


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