Sundays in Zambia - Love Ministry

This post originally appeared in November 2009.

My original journeyman housemate, Rebecca, was a musician. She was part of a singing group, Love Ministry, and asked me if I wanted to participate. I love music & sang a lot at church so I thought it would be a lot of fun. It was fun, but I have no rhythm. As in they were swaying left & I was swaying right. I stood out like a sore thumb. And I couldn’t really sing at the level of these folks. So I only did it for a short while.

On this particular day I was invited along for their annual picnic. I can’t remember where we went, but there was obviously a body of water there. It was a day trip so it was close to Lusaka. We had a lot of fun. We ate food, I assume, although I don’t remember what & I don’t have any pictures us eating (which is VERY strange because I tend to remember food before I remember faces). We played a string game where we worked in pairs trying to extricate ourselves from each other. That was hilarious. We went on a boat ride. I got a really bad sunburn (you can see in the picture to the left where they made me put my chitengi on my head to protect my face & arms). And (this is where you can tell this outing happened in Africa & not NC) I got infested with putzi flies. I tell that story here. We don’t really want to go into all that again right now, do we?


  1. Great story. Isn't the world an interesting place?

  2. Is it weird that after reading of your putzi flies infestation I wanted to scratch myself?

    How neat that you were in Zambia! How long were you there? My sister visited a "sister parish" (not sure if that's the correct term in English) in Tanzania a few years ago, but only for three weeks. She brought back amazing pictures from that trip.

  3. Love that last photo: the big strong guy like your body guard; the girl next to you , a dear friend; and you, with the lovely smile, the big glasses, cute hair, and so white ;-)!


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