A Letter I’ll (probably) Never Send

Dear Facebook,

It’s been nice, it really has. I like seeing what my friends are up to even when what they’re up to is “liking” the UNC Tarheels and Paul Ryan. Diversity is good! Also, I enjoy playing Words With Friends, especially because I CHEAT. Good times…

I just played this word tonight. This is its definition:  No Definition of 'aedine' Found - It's still good as a Scrabble word though!

But I think I need a break from you so I can do other, more edifying, things. I’ve already put the Webkins in hibernation (literally – they’re so cute in their pajamas snoozing in their little beds).

Tile Towers (their version of Mahjong) was taking up entirely too much of my evening. I’ll wake them back up around Halloween so we can put their costumes on.

So Facebook, it’s farewell for now – later gator!


The Bug (who would rather work jigsaw puzzles than read about the evil in the world but who will miss the goofy pictures of dogs & cats & Dr. M)

This is from a campus event yesterday - my viking pirate!

 P.S. Who am I kidding? I’m too nosy to be out of the Facebook loop. I’ll just put a time limit on it. Yeah, right. A time limit. Sigh.


  1. This is what I had to do, and the best move was "unfriending" nearly everyone.

    I still check fb, but since I don't see much, I spend 5-10 minutes a day.

    I did have to explain myself to some people, though.

    Good luck!

  2. Um...that's not a viking hat. Think damsel at the Prince's ball headgear. Princess Mercedes picked it out for me. I lacked the where with all to refuse her command :-)

  3. Priceless post! I have so many controls and 'hides' it's a miracle I see anything on my FB page. I stopped playing Words With Friends over three months ago when I FINALLY beat my ex-husbands 24 year old English Major who speaks fluent French. No where to go after that.

    Love the photo of the good doctor ..

  4. I'm spending less time on it. Not so hard now that we have work. It's nice to have work again. So I'm a little more scarce myself.

  5. I think Facebook is great for staying in touch with people and sharing articles and other snippets of news. I draw the line at games, though. No games.

  6. If I'm off for an hour, I think its an accomplishment :)

  7. As you know, I don't do The Facebook, but I am really noticing what a Timesuck being online is for me. Like you, I am instituting a limit to my morning online ritual come Monday. Isn't it funny how we both got disgusted with ourselves at the same time? LOL.

  8. I think the reason I stay up with facebook is because I get the latest updates on all the pages or websites I like. I see more of those than what people post. The games are fun and creative sometimes...but too time consuming.

  9. I should shut it down too, but it's so fun to rile up those with political views other than mine!

  10. What kind of "school" does Dr. M teach at anyway?

  11. Totally understand how anything online can become a major time burglar. You really have to just watch your time.

    I like Facebook, because I have family and friends all over the world. So keeping up with them is my nightly entertainment. But I don't do any of the games.

    That's some interesting head gear on Dr. M's head!

  12. I've never been bitten by the FB bug. I can see how it could eat up a day though so maybe my dogged determination to stay away is a good thing.

  13. No games for me either, ever. It's enough that I pop in several times a day to keep up with friends, but I limit it to just checking new status updates and then I'm off. It does for me in a more immediate way what blogging used to do. Now, I can use the blog more thoughtfully and introspectively. :c)

  14. anything online + time limit = oxymoron. yes? ;)


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