Thankful Thursday

Last night I “forgot” to make my salad for my lunch today (meaning I was too caught up in Webkins baseball to bother). So this morning I looked in the refrigerator & grabbed some leftover corn (from my dad’s garden). That’s the same as salad, right? Whatever – it’s the nectar of the gods to me, so yum!

The Cincinnati Reds are the best team in baseball. Let me say that again – the Cincinnati Reds are currently the best team in baseball. What? Who? Where? (When & Why?) And Woot. That is all.

We got a letter from my nephew who is in basic training. It was written on a tiny little piece of note pad paper, but he managed to tell us a lot. He’s doing pretty well, but boy howdy is it hot in Fort Sill (he didn’t even mention the heat, but goodness!).

He said that he would really appreciate lots of letters, so I fired one right back to him. Now I feel guilty because my other nephew just moved away from home too - to a house he’s sharing with a couple of other guys – starting his junior (?) year in college this fall. I should send him letters too. You know if you guys want to send them letters I’m sure they’d appreciate them. Ha!

Here’s something I’m really thankful about – I usually feel really melancholy in fall because I know winter’s a comin’. But this year I’m pretty sure I’m just going to feel blessed relief. I am anticipating some snow. Why, I might not even complain when it gets here! Much...


  1. Kent's nephew just joined the Navy Reserves and is in corpsman training in San Antonio. I didn't realize how much a note from those who love you means until we heard about his basic training experience. I am going to try and write him regularly. :c)

    Yep, right now, I'd take some snow too my friend.

  2. I'd say the two nephews experiences are quite different. the one in basic training is homesick, the one at college is probably having so much fun he doesn't even remember he has a family.

  3. Okay...hold off on the snow for awhile please!!!


  4. While the Indians and the Reds split their interleague games this year, the Tribe has won the 3 most recent games, irrefutably establishing them as the greatest team of all time.

  5. There's an old saying that applies to you and snow: be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

  6. While it'll be hot in Montana during the days, the NWS says the lows will be in the 40s. 41 degrees tonight. I am thrilled, but I'm also packing wool. I'm no fool.

    That is one hot forecast in your post. So glad I'm not there!

  7. Holy Cow!! I can't believe those temps at Fort Sill. That's just not right!!

  8. Regarding your Reds: remember, everything is transitional. And the Reds come to Phoenix at the end of this month for a drubbing by my Diamondbacks! The last time they met, they split the series 2 wins, 2 losses.

  9. I forget. The Reds are a...what kind of team, now?


    Go Tribe.

  10. That snow looks pretty good after my 100 degree bike ride today. When I started it was pleasant but by the time I started home, shooo-ie! HOT, HOT, HOT!

    I'm glad you wrote to your nephew in basic training. When they don't get mail at mail call it's SUCH a bummer...

  11. I think this has been the hottest summer E V E R. I haven't even enjoyed the outdoors much this year. I am with you. Bring on Fall!

  12. Letters and cards to soldiers are good. Care packages are especially good! Homemade goodies--now we're talkin'!

    I'm with you on snow, but then again, I like snow. And I love fall. I actually like summer except for the heat.

    Hope you have an extraordinary weekend. :)


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