Thankful Thursday

Here is a picture of me from last August 9th:

Who takes pictures of themselves in the hospital? Bloggers! That's who!

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my hip surgery. One year! I had planned to have cake, but I forgot. Fortunately I went out to dinner with my friend Joanne & had ice cream, so that was good.

I still walk kind of sideways when I get tired, but otherwise I'm so pleased with my new hip. I'm walking for exercise every day and the only thing slowing me down is my natural sloth.

Feeling kind of nostalgic, I looked back at some posts from last year. Here is some commentary from a post from August 31:

"...I didn’t really know when I walked into the Evendale Medical Center and sat up on the bed in pre-op that I would never feel that peculiar burning, throbbing pain again. I climbed awkwardly upon that bed, swung my legs up onto it, and that’s the last time my hip hurt in that way.

Not that I’m pain free now. The eight & a half inch scar apparently will take some time to heal. And I’m doing all these exercises which, you know, can make you sore if you haven’t been working out (hint: I haven’t been working out). So my entire body aches at various points during the day.

But not that one searing, jabbing, can-I-just-sit-down-now pain. That one’s gone.

Can I have an amen?"

The scar is healed. My hip is great. And that's pretty darn thank-making on this Thursday.


  1. I didn't know about your hip surgery, but I'm glad the results were all you'd hoped. Take care.

  2. Time and perspective have a unique way of changing the way we look at things!

    I know you are glad that the surgery and the healing process are behind you and walking pain free into better days!


  3. I can't believe it's already been a year! Your sideways slant when you get tired is just body habit. When you are tired, your body is slipping back into it's old groove.

  4. Hip-hip-hooray Dana. So glad that your hip-op got rid of the pain.
    Keep going strong Dana dear.

  5. HUGE difference! Congrats!

    And I loved:
    "Who takes pictures of themselves in the hospital? Bloggers! That's who!"


  6. Happy Anniversary :) Yay for pain-free hips!

  7. Yippeeeee! So glad it's doing so well my friend. :c)

  8. Not to be repetitive, but: Amen!

  9. Ay,ay,ay men...ay,ay,ay men...ay,ay men, ay men, AMEN!

  10. Holy crap! I missed the opening line of this post, and all I saw was the picture. My first thought was, "Oh no! What happened?" So glad it was a RetroPost!

    I'm amazed at how fast this year has gone, and I can remember how speedily your rehab proceeded. Time really does fly.

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I'm confused about the posts to my "old blog." My blog has had the same URL since I launched it, and I don't see any hacked posts.

    I did take down my blog for about six months a couple of years ago, but I put it back up using the same URL, so that shouldn't have left me with an "old blog."

    Is there someplace I can go to see this hacked posting? If it's available online I definitely want to get it removed!

  12. Lovin' this post. So very glad you're not in pain anymore.

    And that "natural sloth" thing... you and I have that in common.

  13. Good for you! I can't believe it's been a year already.

    You did look like a stoner in that picture.

  14. Amen! So glad you're away from that all intense pain that's so draining. (When my shoulder was done I never looked that good in hospital by the way!). And as for the 'sloth' thing, the sloth is my totem animal and I'm pleased to say I'm mastering and have a good understanding of it's attributes. :D


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