Wordy Wednesday

Captions and photos courtesy of Dr. M.
Uh oh...think I hear the old lady...
Maybe I can hide in the snow...
Where DID that bird go?
If I were you, lady, I'd check out that snowdrift over there...but you didn't hear it from me.


  1. Too funny. I love cardinals, both sexes are so pretty.

  2. That's funny. I wish I could learn bird. Wonder if Roestta Stone offers a couse in that? ;)


  3. Very funny. Great pictures as always.

  4. Too funny! It's almost like a puppet show with birds.

  5. I love that it's Wordless Wed because it's your blog but YOU didn't put the words in...and I love that they're funny! I think Dr. M has captured the male/female dynamic quite well!


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