Throwback Thursday

Little did the happy couple know that one year later a major drama would unfold when Uncle David accidentally put the napkins (embossed with a golden calla lily and “Dana and Mike December 15, 1990”) in the back of his car, causing panic to ensue at the reception site.


  1. LOL! Those WERE some awesome napkins. And thank you, Jenny P., etc., for giving us the most fabulous Old Gold and Black reception imaginable! Thank you, dear Jeanine, for all you did. I hope you are at peace, though at rest is probably too much to ask. See you again, dear one, but not yet...not yet.

  2. Great photo! I don't get why the napkins caused panic, though -- were they thought to have been lost? And who's the dog?

    1. Yes - we were afraid that they'd gotten thrown out while they were setting up the reception. Well *I* wasn't afraid because they had enough sense not to worry the bride. And they were found in time!

      That was my brother's dog, Gizmo, a cockapoo and a cute little tyrant :)

  3. You are rocking those red socks!

    Great pic-- so much love!

  4. How cute you guys are!

  5. Bug you look 15! Our wedding snafu was when the usher pinned my grandmother's bouquet on the best man. Funny sight which was fortunately caught before the walk down the aisle.

  6. Do you ever look back and have absolutely no idea where the time went?

  7. Were y'all tickle wrestling? You look like you were tickle wrestling. ;)



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