Wordy Wednesday - The Bug on the Move Edition

I'm in Reston, Virginia for a company training. I flew in today & enjoyed a nice room service dinner this evening. I'm just realizing that I had quite a solitary day - driving to the Dayton airport, sitting there for 4 1/2 hours, one hour flight, navigating the vast cavern that is the Washington Dulles airport, riding in the shuttle to the hotel, sitting in my room... All by myself. And you know what? Unless I'm traveling with Dr. M that's just how I like it! I finished one book & started another one. I played on my computer. I was totally inside my head. Which is good because tomorrow I get to meet two different bloggers (for breakfast & dinner) & in between I'll be with a bunch of coworkers. By then I'll be ready to talk to people!

I didn't take any pictures in the airport or on the plane (what kind of blogger am I anyway?). So this is all you get.

My "I'm about to leave on a trip!" selfie

Room service dinner - I always get room service at least once per trip.
Apple pie & ice cream - yum! Room service calories don't count :)

My ginormous bed! I think I'm going to sleep diagonally across it. Dr. M says, how is this different than usual?

So glad I remembered to throw in a comfy long sleeved shirt. Even if I do look a little bit fashion challenged in all my layers.


  1. Your dinner and dessert look yummy!

    And I agree with room service calories not counting. I didn't know about that, but it makes total sense to me. I'll add this to my rules about 50% off clearance candy also being 50% off in calories.

  2. Fashion Police! Fashion Police!

    I really like your first selfie, though.

    1. It is a great selfie, isn't it? Glad she remembered that hoodie I bought her...baby needs her warm lounge wear ;-)

  3. Have a great trip! Looks like a comfy hotel! :)

  4. Fun to meet bloggers!
    Happy training n all!

  5. Fun to meet bloggers!
    Happy training n all!

  6. Ha! on the few occasions when I have the bed to myself, I always sleep in the middle. It's good to be out by oneself sometimes I think.

  7. I detest every single thing about airports, and waiting has to be number one. Four and a half hours? Ugh. And I thought my wait of three hours a couple weeks back was bad!

  8. Room service looks delish. I'd eat there more than once per trip....if someone else was paying for it. ;)


  9. You must be warm beneath all those layers.


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