2014 Project 365 – Week Ten

I turned 50, Lent started, snow fell & melted, and we took pictures of birds and the moon. A pretty average week for the Bug household. 

Sunday, March 2nd       
The Usual Suspects in the back yard.

Monday, March 3rd
My birthday! I decided to take a picture of the cairn out back so you could see our snow – I know you would have hated to miss out on that.

It was pretty cold so I’m bundled up for my birthday selfie.

The moon!

Tuesday, March 4th            
He’s saying, “Seriously, this guy takes my picture, like, every day!”

Wednesday, March 5th
Cold water, ice, snow – you know, same old same old.

Frozen drain pipe on our house. Brr!!

Dr. M saw some herons in a field today!

Thursday, March 6th    
The moon!

Friday, March 7th
It was a beautiful day on Friday! I had to take a selfie on my way to the post office – The State of the Bug – coatless! :)

Meanwhile, Dr. M was stalking the campus squirrel.

And The Moon!

Saturday, March 8th       
Dr. M took me to lunch for my birthday (I’ve pretty much been celebrating for two weeks now - & my boss is taking me to lunch tomorrow). Afterward we drove around for a while & saw these guys. So cute!

Have a great week!

Most of our photos are taken with a 12 megapixel Nikon D5000 DSLR, using a 55-200mm zoom lens. This is the camera that Dr. M takes with him most days. He also takes pictures with our old reliable 7 megapixel Canon Powershot A710.  The Bug uses our new Nikon Coolpix S6200 most of the time. If you’re interested in which camera was used for a particular shot, just ask!


  1. Nice photos. Love the squirrel.

  2. Nobody photographs the moon like you do.

  3. Great shots. Loved the birds on Monday and the first wed pic.

  4. Definitely continue to celebrate this hallmark birthday. Loved all the photographs.

  5. I like the one of the squirrel relaxing in the tree.

    Happy Belated Birthday (again) to you! You're only 50 once, right? Why not celebrate as long as the people around you will let you get away with. :0)

  6. I love your selfies... I had to laugh at your "coatless selfie" from Friday - it brought back memories of the excitement we felt as kids when the first spring day without jackets arrived. The first "short-sleeve day" always was a big, big deal, too. Ha.

    And the squirrel trying to hide by blending into the tree limb...priceless!

  7. That drain pipe says it all -- hopefully for the last time -- about this winter! I'm glad you were able to go coatless, finally! Love the shaggy donkeys, too.

  8. Such beautiful, bright colors on you....people must like to see you walking around all sunshiny.

    Happy birthday...may it be THE best decade you've had!

  9. SO Happy Birthday! Hope it was awesomely wonderful and you feel sincerely "feted"... Heads down in the Mini Maker Faire. Might be able to breathe Monday next week.

    Love the FAT FLUFFED UP birds!

  10. 50! FIFTY! I'm coming up on 74 in another month. And (don't tell anyone) the BRD is about to "celebrate" her 60th! Ouch!

  11. Oh, those lovely cardinals. I am storing up the sunshine and 50-degree weather we are having for the past couple of days. A winter storm with about 6 inches more snow is headed here tonight. Lucky you--you're not getting anything like that!

  12. Y'all make it so hard to choose favorite pics!
    Loved the frozen drain pipe, the birds, the squirrel, the moons, the selfies . . .
    a week of up and down weather.
    Because you are still celebrating, i decided to go ahead and send you a card! #50 is pretty important.
    Ours this year (three score and ten) is also, scary too!


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