2014 Project 365 – Week Twenty-six

OK, there are still a lot of selfies here this week. Apparently I don’t really abide by solemn vows (at least not blog vows anyway). Ah well, if you’d rather look at my bloomers than my face, check out Dr. M’s blog. Ha!

Sunday, June 22nd        
We said goodbye to one of our parishioners today – she’s moving away. :(

My daily walk.

I love our yard!

Monday, June 23rd
My daily walk.

Tuesday, June 24th            
My daily walk.

Rainy daisies…

Wednesday, June 25th
My daily walk.

I came home from work & braided my hair – I decided that this is NOT a good look for me AND, as I mentioned on Facebook, it was like wearing earmuffs. Hot Flash City!

Thursday, June 26th
Saw this vintage Rabbit on my way to work – ha!

My daily walk.

Easter lilies!

I love robins – they’re just as pompous as cardinals, but less angry looking.

Friday, June 27th
My daily walk.

Our daylilies are so lovely right now.

Saturday, June 28th  
My daily walk. I took a picture of the glass to remind me to carry something to put it in the next time I walk that way. It’s been there for three days!

We had the cable guy come by this morning to fix our internet (we were without it for nearly FIVE DAYS! Horrors!), so Dr. M put Heather the sheep in the yard so he wouldn’t trip over her. Of course, she had to roam around a bit.

Funky sky.

Dr. M likes to pretty much set our citronella candle on fire – this picture looks like a baby dragon. Ha!

Have a great week!


  1. Love all your blooms, but "rainy daisies" are the best!

  2. your yard is beautiful!!! LOVE the daisy picture!

  3. Wow, I haven't seen a VW Rabbit like that in a LONG time.

  4. The flame DOES look like a baby dragon. Shades of Game of Thrones. Maybe YOU are now The Mother of Dragons!

  5. I like your braids. Seems like that would be a good walking style. Love how you notice and capture the beauty all around you.

  6. Flowers, birds, braids, sheep (my favorite), and selfies!
    Very creative selfie-taker you are!


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