Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday Miscellany

I forgot it was Monday because I had the day off. And, actually, it's a wonder I went to church yesterday because, really, I've had no clue when and where I am. I haven't worked since December 22nd. This must be how being retired feels... So, in keeping with the random that is my brain today, here is a list:

1. Go check out Dr. M's last post here. It has sheep (Gasp! I know!), and cows, and birds seen at my dad's house, and hilarious captions.

2. We found a house to rent while we were in NC over Christmas. It's not quite, but almost exactly between my dad and Dr. M's dad, in a little subdivision, but in the country. There's a gas station not too far away, but it's almost 10 miles to a grocery store, fast food, or pizza. That will take some getting used to! I think Dr. M plans to do a lot of cooking (I HOPE Dr. M plans to do a lot of cooking!).

3. We plan to be moved by the end of February.  That little sentence is quite exhausting. I'll just move on to the next item.

4. There is no next item. Oh, yes - I'm sort of close to being done with the temperature monster, but not really. I only have two more rows to crochet (ran out of purple). but I still need to weave in a gazillion ends and then do the border. I'll post a picture of it later because...

5. I'm doing Project 365 again next year! And I just this minute realized that I haven't taken a picture yet today... So, I guess I'm done with this post & off to find a subject worthy of photography.



  1. What the heck is going on? You two are leaving Ohio for North Carolina? Are you both retiring? Did you win the Powerball? What the heck is going on?

  2. I forgot the most important part - I get to keep my job & work from home! So, no lottery (yet!). I wrote an explanation of the move earlier today & guess I forgot that I hadn't actually posted it here already - ha!

  3. Yeay to long vacations and finding a new place for you to live!

    Less "yeay" on the moving...but I wish you the best of luck! I know how stressful it is.

    And you know how I feel about Project 365. :-)

  4. When I started dating my wife she lived in Bluffton, South Carolina. Located just on the mainland from Hilton Head it had absolutely nothing in the way of restaurants, grocery store, or fast food. It was quite interesting having to travel back onto the island to buy food to cook.

    All that has long since changed now and it's kind of surreal to see how much that little town has grown.

  5. I'm not sure what your Project 365 is, but I'm pretty sure it runs for a year. That's good, because that means you'll be around, and I misses you when you's gone. ;-)

    The thought of moving doesn't excite me like it used to. I did so much of it for a few decades that it was sort of standard operating procedure. I could move then like I cook a meal now -- I just knew what to do and did it. Now that it's been a while, the thought's not pleasant, but I know a move is in my future, if only to reduce the amount of rent I pay. I just hope it's the far future.

    Happy January 2! No, wait. It's January 3. It's too early to be so confused.

  6. Sounds like things are chugging right along. It's so comforting to have A Plan, and with some family nearby, it won't seem quite so overwhelming. You have some touchstones, like your same job, your own people, and pretty soon, things will start feeling more Okay.

  7. Thanks for this update. I've been wondering how things were going for you guys. So glad you found a house. My advice: make really good lists before you go to the store. Kind of like the folks on Little House on the Prairie had to do. And don't forget to wear your bonnet. Seriously, I'm keeping good thoughts for you. Moving is always an adjustment. Keep us posted, and I hope the New Year brings stability and happiness to you.

  8. Great to hear Bug's P365 will be back! Hmmmm. . . just when I was debating whether to continue or not.
    Loved Dr. M's pics! I suppose he will change his header to "relocated Southerner" once you move.
    Will you be anywhere near the Appalachian trail?

  9. I completely understand how trying moving can be, but I also understand how exhilarating it can be (after all the unpacking. And if you do it right, it's a good chance to declutter your life, too. Best wishes for a happy new live in NC. :)

  10. I didn't realize that you're moving back to NC! How exciting! Definitely keep us posted on developments. I hope you're taking pinky with you. She will probably like the warmer and brighter sun!

    1. Oh, and I see above that you're keeping your job -- so that's good news too. :)


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