Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Four

I spent this week trying to check things off of my “before we move” checklist. I feel pretty accomplished, and yet still quite daunted by what we still have left to do. Just 5 more weeks & we’ll be in our new home!
Sunday, January 22nd      
Woodpeckers love to hang out in the trees by our back fence.

I finished crocheting one of the borders on the Monster. This week I wove in the rest of the ends (6 months’ worth!) and started on the other border.

Monday, January 23rd          
Cooper’s hawk just hanging out.

Tuesday, January 24th                          
Dr. M called these guys Larry, Moe, & Curly. Ha!

I sent a card to our new president.

Wednesday, January 25th                  
On my way home from work I took a picture of my favorite tree.

Thursday, January 26th  
Female cardinals at twilight.

Friday, January 27th     
I had breakfast with our former priest. When I got back out to my car I was just a wee bit chagrined. Here is what I said on Facebook: It's been a while since we had an edition of The Bug Parking Badly. I wish I had an excuse, but I don't...

Saturday, January 28th         
On Monday we’re taking a load of things down to NC, so today we picked up the truck. Tomorrow we get to load it up with a boatload of books and other things we don’t need here in Ohio. When we moved to this house 7 ½ years ago we culled a lot of our books. And this time we’re trying to be even more selective – especially since I rarely read an actual book these days, much preferring the convenience of having my book on my phone with me wherever I am. But although I’m giving away our Harry Potter books I’ve decided to keep my Dick Francis collection. My mom would get me his latest book every year. I just can’t get rid of them yet.  So they’re heading south again. Next week’s Project 365 will most likely open with pictures of the chaos in our house & the inside of the moving truck.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I hope Trump reads your card and is moved by it.

  2. Love the hawks and the squirrels (and especially their names)!

    It's difficult to know exactly what to get rid of before a move. But books are easy to pack and transport. It's the rest of the chaos that makes it all so stressful. Wishing you good luck with everything!

  3. With books it's rather sad business. We've invested so much effort, time and money in them, and now - even libraries won't get them as a donation.

  4. I'm so taken with all the bird photos. You really do have some avian riches around there. I'm exciting enough when I see one woodpecker (and that doesn't happen often.) To see two at one time? Fabulous. And that photo of the female cardinals is just lovely.

    When I think about all the hauling of books I've done -- oh, my. Now, I've really culled them down, and actually am glad for it. I never read or even looked at most of them, and there was no reason to have them -- especially the ones from former professions.

  5. Have a good move! Moving is a great opportunity to start fresh, isn't it? And like you, I have FAR fewer books these days than I used to.

    Someone is going to key your car if you keep parking like that!

  6. Our library takes all books in good shape for a massive yearly book sale with all proceeds benefiting the library's programs. It is very well-attended.

    That tree is magnificent. It would be my favourite as well.

    Weaving in ends...UGH. It is the Absolute Worst.

  7. Great progress!
    Wishing you a JOY filled process and conviction that this is the right move!

  8. Moving is a pain, but the "de-clutter' part will make you feel so much better later. Y'all take care. :)

  9. I would hate to have to move on a schedule. well, we did when we sold the city house and a lot of stuff got abandoned. do you already have keys to the new house?

  10. exciting times!! personally I mean. Like the card as well. Hope he listens to it

  11. Good luck with your move. Oh, lawdee, I just had a chill go over me when I typed the word "move". Damn! There it was again!

  12. Take the books and make a decision about what to keep later. Most towns have at least one group that holds a used book sale as a major fundraiser. So just take them and cull them at leisure. Honest...there WILL be leisure sometime in the future even though you are overwhelmed right now.


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