Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Two

Oh man, we are still SO not into the swing of remembering to take pictures! This week is pretty lame, except for a few shots by Dr. M. Ah well, it’s only week two, so hopefully we’ll get a little better…
Sunday, January 8th     
This was such a bittersweet day. It was our priest’s last service at our church. We had a big party for her that afternoon – I think we sent her off in style. Now we have to take the next steps without her. But I’m not sharing pictures from any of that. From Facebook: I don’t know why people keep laughing when they see me.

Monday, January 9th          
The top of my head. Why yes, this photo WAS taken at almost 10:00 at night, why do you ask? Anyway, I keep thinking I’ll color my hair, but I sort of like the brindle look I’ve got going on here.

Tuesday, January 10th                          
The moon! Thank goodness for the Moon Man so that we got a real picture!

Wednesday, January 11th                  
Oh this is what sadness looks like. My old faithful coat, my boon companion for the last (at least) 16 Ohio winters, has finally started to disintegrate. And what might be even sadder is that I wore it for several days without realizing how bad the rip was (I thought I’d just caught the corner of the pocket & needed to sew it up). You see here pictures of the coat from happier times: Me dressing like the Ally Sheedy character from the Breakfast Club in 2006, and my “I don’t like winter” face from 2007.

Thursday, January 12th  
Here we are again being rescued from tedium by Dr. M. Our back yard has been busy!

Friday, January 13th     
I’ve been making these messy bun hats. Of course, I have no hair, but I think you get the idea of what’s supposed to happen. I had a little yarn mishap along the way.

Saturday, January 14th       
Tomorrow is my first “solo” Vestry meeting (it’s my job to run them when we don’t have a priest). I also need to complete our annual Parochial report. It’s been sitting on my desk for a week now, and I did look through it once, but this is a task that I used to do with Mother Lynn (or rather, I helped her do it), and I feel a little pitiful doing it on my own this year. It’s hard to believe that she’s gone, and in just over a month I’ll be gone too. I believe that my church will survive quite nicely without us, but it will be hard for a little while. Don’t suppose any of you want to move to Xenia & join the Altar Guild?


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing what you (and Dr. M) have to say from your new home.

    And, BTW, I like the first picture. Resembles mine! :)

  2. Your church will miss you, and you will miss them. You know who else will miss you? Your backyard birds. I thought about my birds when we left our last two houses. I felt like they depended on us. Like Catalyst, I am looking forward to new missives and new photos from you new digs. It won't be long. Change is always exciting.

  3. reading this I realized you will have to find a new church when you move. I hope you find a good one soon enough.

  4. Your crocheted items are very beautiful. I hope you use wool not acrylic for hats, scarves, sweaters, as wool is the best insulating fabric. It's more expensive, but nothing can compete with its warmth in winter.

  5. I think you look quite cute in that first picture!

    And that winter coat ripping...well, it was just another sign that your decision to move south was the right one.

  6. You're awfully busy in Winter! No hibernating for you. So much to think about, I hope you aren't becoming overwhelmed. Take care.

  7. Loving that yarn. Those messy bun hats are all the rage, aren't they? I may like yours better. My 'hole' on the top is enough to just get a pony tail through - kinda tricky. But I do like that it can hold my hair in a ponytail all alone with a smaller hole. I just need to make both & see how the mood fits.

  8. Find a church is as complicated as finding a good hairdresser. I know you've liked yours, but in a way, it might be good that your priest is moving on, too. That way, there may less nostalgia for your old parish. ;-)

    I still have two winter coats that I wore back in the 60s and 70s. Of course, they mostly hang in the closet now, in case I have to travel north of Dallas for some reason during the winter. They're nice coats, actually, and I wouldn't mind wearing them if it got cold. They're so old they look fashionable.

  9. I like your hair color and the colors in the messy bun hat!
    Only two days!


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