Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Three

This past week is a bit of a blur (hence the need to start doing this weekly post again). Let’s see, what fascinating things happened!
Sunday, January 15th     
Today Dr. M took a hilarious sequence of pictures. The light wasn’t great, so the quality isn’t the best, but here is the story. A squirrel hid a piece of corn in a hole on the tree. This woodpecker came along & decided it was a tasty treat & stole it. I know, not a riveting tale, but it made me laugh.

Monday, January 16th          
We decided that with all the craziness going on in the world we needed to watch Foul Play for the millionth time. Also, I was crocheting a pink “pussy hat” while wearing pink fuzzy sheep pajamas.

Tuesday, January 17th                          
I’ve decided to switch from my usual salad to having soup as an “appetizer” for lunch, so I pulled out my trusty soup thermos.

I canNOT believe I let my gas get this low! And in fact, by the time I got to the gas station it was down to 2 miles. Whew!

Wednesday, January 18th                  
I started out making the cat ear hat with this fuzzy yarn but decided that it wasn’t really working for me. So I made a different hat with it. Hmmm.

Thursday, January 19th  
Look! See that empty space on the shelf (where the one book is flopped over)? That’s what I’ve done to prepare for our move – there were some magazines there that I put into the recycle bin. Woot!

Friday, January 20th     
Today I drove to Indianapolis to watch my gorgeous niece Jena in a cheer competition. See?

When we got there we had to sit in line for an hour and a half before they opened the doors. So I made a hat. I loved the sign in the hallway – since I could barely get myself down on the floor & then back up again, I’m pretty sure they didn’t need to tell me not to tumble. Oh, they were talking about the cheerleaders? If I can get a link to the video of the performance I’ll post it later this week.

P.S. See the guy behind me in the picture? I swear he looked just like Andy from WKRP in Cincinnati!

Saturday, January 21st        
I stayed Friday night a little bit north of Indy & then drove up to have lunch at Ivanhoe’s Restaurant with my friend Rita from Meemaw Moments. Ivanhoe’s has 100 different types of ice cream sundaes! I had #44 (Heavenly Hash).  It was heavenly. We had a lovely visit and tried (unsuccessfully) to take selfies with the Garfield statue.

While I was doing that, millions of women and men were marching all over the world, in protest of the new administration, and in solidarity with the marginalized in our society. I had a couple of coworkers who marched in Cincinnati, including one who took her daughter, who was wearing the hat that I had made her.  I wasn’t too sure about the pussy hat business (I think maybe I’m a little too fusty for it), but I have to say that it did my heart good to see the hat I made on this little girl.


  1. You've been busy. I don't envy you your packing, though. :)

  2. I think the marches are a shame and a bad example to the whole world. The elections are over and the result should be honored by all, otherwise it's chaos.
    I wonder why the pink women didn't march during the reign of the famous womannizers: the Kennedy brothers and Bill Clinton. Two women died as a result of the Kennedy brothers' behavior: Marylin Monroe and Mary Jo Kopechnik.

    1. Thank you, Thank you, and look at Bill Clintons' escapades in the White House, shameful! yes, the marches are shameful, reminds me of South America's unstable governments, and duh, did anyone notice that Barack spent his first day off with a billionaire real estate tycoon?? This is democracy at work, and if you are out there protesting, or worse rioting, just what is it you believe in as far as government??

    2. ming, President Obama had to spend part of his day as an ex-President with Trump, a billionaire real estate developer, because it is part of the transition of power. That is the way the United States of America's government operates.

      I'm sure he would rather have done something else.

  3. Love the hat.
    I had to laugh at your moving preparations. I hope you blog about it when you get into full throttle. I want photos of boxes.
    H once coasted into a service station on fumes.
    Your niece is beautiful.
    Laughed out loud at the bird/squirrel saga. I know the bird is the thief, but I can't ever be on the side of a squirrel. Is that a yellow-bellied sapsucker? We have those out here.

  4. Red-bellied woodpecker...looks somewhat similar to the Yellow-bellied sapsucker in appearance. I've seen both up here, though usually the Yellow-bellies are in summer. It's a bit of a misnomer, in that you hardly ever see the little tuft of red on the female's belly. The male's belly is more yellowish. Not to be confused with the true, more rare Red-headed woodpecker.

  5. I think the marches are a great way to show the great American freedom of being able to voice your opinion if you do not agree with something; they show the world that this is a free country and you can disagree with whoever is currently in power. There were marches in places outside the U.S., too (London comes to mind). One of my friends from Oregon flew to Washington to participate there. She wore one of those pink hats. I love that you knitted a hat for it!

    I, too, hope that you blog about your moving experience. I'm currently working up to a major decluttering of my house this year. "Working up to" meaning I haven't done a thing yet. I need inspiration, and I may get it from you...

  6. Marching, and peaceful protests, yes, as in the Martin Luther King marches on Washington for civil rights, BUT,throwing bricks through windows, setting fires, calling for the burning of Washington, well, these are criminal acts and should be treated as such. I maintain that our system works, and if you are offended by it, you don't believe in democracy but anarchy.

    1. exercise of free speech and protest is our first amendment right. millions of people came out peacefully and only a handful were destructive and so you find fault with it all? these people were out to tell our new government that every human being deserves equal rights. that we American citizens that did NOT vote for him, and he lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes which is a travesty that the person the people did NOT want in was elected, are here to show him that we do not support his racist and bigoted policies, his hatefulness towards more than half the American population, calling us his enemies, his intolerance to anyone who isn't white, rich, male, christian, and his complete lack of compassion. we marched to show him that he is there to represent ALL of us and we are watching and will not be silent when he does things that will imperil America's citizens or the country itself. and I hope you don't depend of the ACA because he has already signed an order gutting it and SS and Medicare, you know the things he promised he wouldn't touch? he's announced he fully intends to slash those. and about those rioters? A Republican was arrested for trying to pay people to riot at the inauguration and the peaceful march. that's right, the republicans and Trump's people/supporters were trying to foment violence and as far as I know, they succeeded.

  7. Also, I was crocheting a pink “pussy hat” while wearing pink fuzzy sheep pajamas.

    Love the hat! Got to say I have been rather depressed since the election but the size and energy of the women's marches across the United States on Saturday have given me some hope.

  8. Love your Uterus Hat!

    The Women's March in Washington remained peaceful, as did all the sister marches all across the world. That's the real Voice Of Democracy, just like the popular vote.

    You'll bulk up those muscles carrying that thermos. Those old timey Stanley ones are heavy, even empty.

  9. Is there a connection between Garfield and Ivanhoe's? Or are they just fans?

    1. Grant County, IN has a Garfield trail that you can follow. The strip's creator was born there. I wish I'd paid more attention - I would totally have driven around & taken pictures with the others :)

  10. Is this the Foul Play movie with Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn? It was great! as a side note President Nixon won by electoral college not popular vote, it's the way the system has always elected the president, so it's fair for less populated areas, no one marched and protested over it.

    1. It is - one of my favorites.

      I know that you won't necessarily agree, but the election of Donald Trump is not at ALL business as usual. It's bizarre & terrifying. And in retrospect, maybe we should have marched over Nixon too!

  11. I confess I hate the hats -- mostly because I hate the phrase that goes with them. There are some words I simply will not say for anyone, for any reason. That's my age showing, I suppose. Actually, I can't say a number of words, including that one that rhymes with "muck." Just me.

    But didn't I laugh at your "empty space" on the bookshelf! I still remember what it took for me to get rid of piles and piles of old "New Yorker" and "Cooking Light" magazines. Once I'd done it? I felt pounds lighter!


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