Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Not REALLY a Poem, But...

...I'm claiming it for the U.S. for International Put Your Poem in a Shop Month (maybe for half a point?).

We're home from our Christmas travels & ready to enjoy the snow that fell here while we were gone. But there was a dicey moment on our way home...

I know it's REALLY lame, but I was kind of in a hurry...

Go here & here (Titus is on injured reserve, so Ms. Cushions stepped in for her)  to check out other poems & scores :)


  1. that's surely a whole point! the whole point, in fact. go usa! anywhere you can...

    and you have very nice nails.

  2. A good thing you didn't run out of gas. Happy New Year!

  3. Ha! I bet whoever found that got a good laugh. :)

  4. The ability to improvise in unexpected circumstances is evidence of a great mind. You've done it again!


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