Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unblue Christmas

The Christmas cards have been mailed with the just ok annual poem (it didn’t “zing” for me like they sometimes do).

The tree is lovely.

Dr. M got out his Christmas train.

I’ve been making snowflakes (got the idea from this blog).

The gifts are mostly done. There was a bit of a mishap with one of them – it might have to be an Epiphany gift instead of a Christmas gift.

So all in all, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. There have even been angels (check out Dr. M's post - he got some great pictures).

I see your shining faces in my mind’s eye. You’re laughing or maybe you’re standing by the door with a quiet smile. You only live in my heart these days. It’s getting kind of crowded in there. This year, when my heart wants to break with sorrow, I will remember how much you loved Christmas. I will remember how much you loved me. And I’ll kick ole Elvis to the curb!


  1. Nice hat! I 'spect Hagrid'll be needin' it back...

  2. Got my card/poem today! Thanks!!

  3. You're being much more Christmas-productive than I am!

  4. i used to make all my christmas cards but i haven't done that for a long time now

    you can't beat a bit of Elvis - but for the single most miserable christmas song Roy Orbison steals the prize with Pretty Paper - don't listen to it if you want to feel any christmas cheer...

  5. Love the big hat! You just need a pal with a big head...

  6. I think y'all are very much ahead of the curve. Merry Christmas! :)


  7. I have a big head. Loved the post. I am having a hard time this year with Christmas. Harder than last. I have a tree has 5 ornaments on it. Since school is going through til Friday of this week and I was away the first three weekends before is just not happening. My gifts are all taken care of....I still have 5 to wrap...and it will get done. I am just not feeling it this year. The only thing saving the feeling is that I have done a lot of giving...and that has made me feel good.

  8. Wet the hat in hot water, wring it out and wear it on your head to dry. Might bring it to a smaller size. Love the color.

  9. If you know anyone who still puts up her hair in rollers, that's the hat for her!

  10. I know you think we can't see you under that blue hat, but we can! Take care.


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