Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Just hanging out in a bucket on my grandmother's front porch with my Aunt Lila. I don't know why I'm in a bucket. But you can tell that I thought I was the stuff! Also, I have a memory of being terrified by Lad - but I don't look very scared, do I?


  1. You seem pretty happy, but then, Lad is behind you. Maybe you didn't know he was there!

  2. Cute picture, reminds me of a photo we have of our son in a camping cooler at Crater Lake.

  3. Love that pic. I have a big old metal tub in my attic. I keep meaning to get it down during the summer and fill it with water and take a pic of our youngest grand in it. You've just reminded me. Thanks.

    I checked the 'follow comments'' option on my blog. I hope it works. Please let me know. Thanks for telling me.

  4. Little kids and cats...they always like sitting in small containers. Ha!


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