Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Forty-five

What a busy week! I finished crocheting all the squares for pattern #22, and Dr. M & I went to Kentucky…
Sunday, November 1st      
My daily walk. Such a lovely time of year!

Monday, November 2nd      
Dr. M knows how much I love these gingko and sweet gum trees.

Square #2 of pattern #22.

Tuesday, November 3rd                     
I voted.

Wednesday, November 4th              
Dr. M saw these African hair sheep, which appear to be maintaining the grass around a solar display at a local college in Yellow Springs. Excellent!

He also drove by this rebuilt covered bridge – so pretty.

While he was doing that I was cutting down the daisies. I thought they added a nice touch for Halloween, but decided this week that they had to go.

Then I finished square #3 of pattern #22 (don’t look too closely at this one – it’s a bit crazy-making).

Thursday, November 5th   
Square #4 of pattern #22 (ignore this one too).

Friday, November 6th     
Dr. M & I headed to Frankfort, Kentucky. To find out why, go here!

After the event, we explored downtown a little bit – they’d had a tree-lighting ceremony that evening.

Saturday, November 7th       
On our way home we took the long way. Here we’re taking my daily walk at General Butler State Park.

After we got home I put out this plea on Facebook: So, Facebook, once again I turn to you for advice. I'm heading down the home stretch with these blankets. Two more squares, & I'm ready to assemble them. I'm going to arrange them in the order I want them & I need a way to keep track of which side gets attached to which side of the next square. My big idea is to put a label on each matching side - so I'll have two "1's" two "2's" etc. But what should I use? Each blanket needs 76 labels (76!!). I thought about masking tape, but I don't think it would stay put. I don't have that many pins. What to do, what to do...

I got some good advice, but I’m not sure which method I’ll end up using. Stay tuned!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Oh, yeah, Daisy Nation looks much better shorn! Congrats to Dr. M for his award and hopefully that blanket problem will get sorted. Beautiful leaves!

  2. I think you just need to use safety pins with numbered paper stuck on in between the squares of the four rows then just label the first square of each row 1, 2, 3, 4. less work that labeling each side of each square. 24 labels as opposed to 76.

  3. You definitely had a good week, Bug.

  4. I totally get why you love the gingko trees. We had them in South Carolina, but I haven't seen any around here. And I know that people complain when Christmas stuff starts happening before Thanksgiving, but I love anything related to Christmas...and walking around in a decorated downtown is one of my favorite things to do.

  5. Such a beautiful covered bridge.
    When I lived at Dad's, there was a beautiful gingko tree on my walking route. They are so pretty.

  6. Cool covered bridge.
    (BTW, i think your 2015 has two weeks #45.)

  7. That is the best that you woke yourself up laughing! Made me laugh out loud.

    That speaks highly of Dr. M that his students would 1) know when his birthday is and 2) buy him appropriate presents. Very nice. Your 10 on 10 pic shows a nice clean car...I'm a little jealous! :)

    Cold AND wind are no fun when walking. One is ok, but not both together!


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