Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Forty-four

 This week was all about the moon and crocheting (yes, this is a very similar intro from last week).
Sunday, October 25th     
I made a scarf using some leftover yarn – I like it! But I realized that I don’t really have a top that goes with it. Ugh – I really hate shopping. Wonder if I can crochet a matching top? Ha!

The moon!

Monday, October 26th     
My daily walk.

The moon!

Tuesday, October 27th                    
Ms. Pinkie is still doing just fine outside, although we’ll probably bring her in next weekend.

I finished up this bag I’ve been working on for a while. After I was done I realized that I’d attached the straps incorrectly (I put attached them across the bag, like a shopping bag, when what I wanted to do was put them on the same side of the bag, like a purse). I may, or may not, fix that later.

Wednesday, October 28th              
Dr. M was excited to see the Junkyard Buck & his harem today.

And then he saw THIS – wow!!

The moon…

Thursday, October 29th   
Sights from Dr. M’s school – from the silly to the sublime…

I made another scarf in the same style as the one from earlier in the week. You use bulky yarn so it whips up in a hurry (only 12 rounds).

Friday, October 30th     
Dr. M & one of his colleagues were nominated by their Dean for Faculty Excellence awards. We enjoyed a nice meal at the awards banquet. From Dr. M’s facebook page: “Never fear, there were more than 60 others given the award this year...I was one of two from my university. Still, it is nice to be recognized by your supervisors and your peers from other colleges! Also, we greatly enjoyed the eye-opening, heartbreaking lecture given by Karima Bennoune…” who talked about her book, Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here.  

On our way out of Dayton, we passed this very sincere looking pumpkin patch.

Saturday, October 31st      
I was a little intimidated by Square #22 of the Afghan Crochet-Along, but I eventually figured it out.

Dr. M didn’t feel like dressing up this year, but he still enjoyed giving out candy. The temps weren’t that cold, but there was a pretty brisk breeze. Once again, I’m glad he enjoys this job because I’m pretty sure that I would not. Ha!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Your scarf is the same color as the moon, which appears in the next photo. Maybe you've invented a "lunar scarf."

  2. Are some of those yellow leaves from a Ginko tree? They sort of look like the pictures I've seen, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a live ginko tree. Or recognized one. Of course the squirels are marvelous, but I really like that scarf in the multicolors. As for that whirlwind afghan square? The sight of the yard on the needles makes me dizzy!

    1. Yes! Yellow Springs has a number of Ginkgo trees...they are so beautiful!

  3. love that yellow against the blue sky.

  4. I love the scarf you made...even though I absolutely hate scarves (I can't stand the feeling of having something around my neck). Agreed, Ms. Pinky looks gorgeous for her age! And really, those crochet instructions might as well be in Greek - I don't understand any of it.

    1. Heck, I studied Greek for a year, and I can't read it! Love Ms. Pinky...she's truly gorgeous for any age.

  5. No shopping for me either...blech! You are quite industrious with those hands of yours. If I saw instructions written out like that, I would give up immediately. Can't believe pinky is still outside!

  6. Gotta luv a doggie in a tutu. I really like the first scarf that you're modeling. Very flattering. I say go out and buy something fab to go with!!

  7. Crochet Queen, indeed!
    One of these times i hope to detect the man on the moon.
    "sincere pumpkin patch" Hmmmm, still thinking about that.

  8. Now THATS a rainbow!!
    What kind of lens do you have to get those moon pictures?
    Loving that cowl!

    1. Nikkor 55-300mm zoom is my typical "moon" lens. I use a Sigma 18-250mm macro zoom as my walk-about (or drive-about) lens, but for the moon, I like the extra reach and precision of the Nikkor, esp. when the moon is half-full or better.

  9. Junkyard Buck

    Beautiful animal, but a behavior down here in South Carolina would not be good for him. Far too many hunters would be all over him and his ladies.

    1. Oh he is at great risk up here, too! If he strays too far away from the salvage yard, he'll be a wall decoration and his ladies will be in a freezer.

  10. Maybe you could crochet Dr. M a frame for his nice award? :)


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