Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Forty-six

This week was all about the Moon Man – Dr. M! Well, mostly, anyway…
Sunday, November 8th      
The Diocesan Bishop visited our church so it was a big day! Did I take a picture of him or his lovely wife? No! But I did get a picture of the cake – that’s our stained glass window in the middle there. Cool! I also liked the shadow of my hands on the cake. Ha!

My daily walk. Pretty day!

Monday, November 9th       
Ohio fall…

Tuesday, November 10th                      
I was going to do a 10 on 10 post, but this is the only picture I took.

Dr. M caught squirrels in their two main states – zoom & squat.

Wednesday, November 11th              
Ohio fall…

Today Dr. M used this old picture of one of his paintings as his Facebook cover photo. It’s one of my favorites.

My daily walk – the season of gazelling has begun. This summer I asked myself, “Self – why did you gazelle all winter? You can handle a little cold & dark!” Tonight I responded to that self, “But I can’t handle the wind!” Plus, I was sick again. Sigh.

Thursday, November 12th   
Ms. Pinky is now safely indoors. She doesn’t seem too upset about it.

As I wrapped Dr. M’s presents (the 13th is his birthday!) I was annoyed that I’d forgotten to make sure we had appropriate gift wrap. So, yes, generic bag, Thomas the Train paper, and Christmas paper. When I said something to him that evening he said that he appreciated that I hadn’t taken Christ out of his birthday. #starbucksredcup

Friday, November 13th     
Happy birthday dear heart! The wife of one of his students got him balloons & this crazy sheep. Love it! (And I love that his students – and their spouses - love him.)

We went out for Mexican food. Here’s the birthday boy with his birthday ‘rita.

Birthday moon!

Saturday, November 14th       
Out back.

As I said on Facebook, first I dreamed that I was on a crocheted submarine. Then later I dreamed that I accidentally tried to put one of my hair barrettes in the computer slot instead of the camera chip (pictured here). When I finally figured out why it wouldn't work I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe - woke myself up laughing. Ha!

Square #1 of pattern #23. A few notes: 1. Just one more pattern to go! 2. I ALWAYS (always) start with the red/orange/magenta/yellow colors so it usually has a few errors in it as I sort out the new pattern. This time (yes, the next to last time) I decided to start with different colors. 3. You can probably tell, but this picture is pre-blocking.

The moon! I couldn’t decide which picture I like best. 

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Love the Ohio fall and the fun birthday pics, and the birthday "lambie"

  2. Those were awesome dreams. Isn't it great when you wake up laughing? That tree with the swing is so pretty. I just want to walk into that picture and swing for awhile. That birthday 'rita looks good. Happy day, Dr. M.

  3. That's a nice-looking margarita! Happy birthday again to Dr. M.!

    I don't blame you for gazelling indoors during the winter. I can't hack it outdoors during the summer, so frequently it's the treadmill and elliptical.

  4. Lovely autumnal photos. That's a pretty vivid dream. Lately, I've been waking myself up with nighttime hiccups. I think I'd rather laugh.

  5. Happy birthday to Dr. M! (Did I say that last week?) And what a funny dream about the barrette. Bizarre.

    It took me a while to figure out "gazelling" as a verb. At first I thought you meant jumping over snowdrifts!

  6. I always enjoy your week. LOL at the cake photograph.

  7. I think the wrapping paper was quite appropriate. especially the Thomas the Train paper.

  8. I can totally see me mistaking a barrette for a memory card on my bad days :)

  9. I'm so impressed with the writing on that cake. Someone is good!

  10. Happy birthday, Dr. M! Anyone who gets a lamb and a margarita on his birthday is all right in my book. Many more!

    Those trees you've shown are great -- especially the big one above Dr.M's painting (which is also delightful). Are you getting any of the snow that's heading east? I've seen fresh snow in Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin, so you might be in line. We've just got wind today -- so strong that my computer monitor is vibrating on the desk. I take it the thing's picking up building vibrations.

  11. Oh, do I have something for you! A knitting song! I think you'll enjoy it.


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