Sunday, September 25, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Thirty-eight

This week has a slightly more sane number of pictures, but I just hesitated while trying to type “sane” (is it spelled sain? Seign? Seine?), so who even knows what is going on.
Sunday, September 18th            
The flowers are really looking fallish lately, but still lovely.

We were planning to celebrate my dad’s birthday on Monday & I had the bright idea to BAKE A POUNDCAKE. Yes, you read that right. And, people. Mistakes were made, but it ended up being REALLY REALLY good. We didn’t have any all-purpose flour, and did you know that self-rising flour really does rise?  I mean, I left out the baking powder & salt like they said to, but we still had a cake volcano. When I realized what was happening I put a cookie sheet under the cake pan & ended up with the most delicious drop cookies (and in fact I think next time I’ll just make drop cookies instead of cake). After all that, the cake turned out just fine. And even though I had eaten a number of “drop cookies” and about four slices of pound cake in the form of the batter left in the bowl & on the beaters, I still had a tiny slice of cake late in the evening just to make sure it would actually slice.

Monday, September 19th  
We had a great time celebrating dad. My sister-in-law brought BBQ, and I spent some time working a puzzle. As per usual, I took no photos of people, but here is one of my fabulous cake (it was too sweet for my original idea of a “Pound Cake Bar” with fun toppings like caramel & fudge so I just brought fruit & Reddi Whip).

Tuesday, September 20th       
Dr. M took Floyd the Ford Truck for its inspection & car wash, then he & his dad took a ramble through the countryside. It’s something his dad really enjoys.

Wednesday, September 21st                 
Dr. M walked by & told me that my hair was ready for bed, which, while true, seemed a little rude.

Thursday, September 22nd          
No photo.
Friday, September 23rd          
Stopped by daddy & Sue’s to help with the puzzle & they had FINISHED IT! HUZZAH! So I had the pleasure of tearing it up & starting the next one. Ha!

Saturday, September 24th       
My sister-in-law made me leave my lair to attend the Pride Festival with her. We had a great time! Not pictured: Menacing Proud Boys and Loud Preaching Man (we’re all going to be cast into the void dontcha know).

I have a short week of work coming up. I’m off on Thursday & Friday – yay! We’re going to take a little road trip if Hurricane Ian cooperates. We shall see! Do you have anything fun planned this week?


  1. You've got plenty of insects enjoying those flowers. Now, I have pound cake on my mind rather than pollen. I do love a good, true pound cake, and I have a great recipe, but I haven't made it in several years. It's time to duplicate your dessert -- although for me it would have to be real whipped cream with a drop of vanilla added.

    1. It was a really good recipe - it used sour cream and about a gallon of sugar. We thought we would cut it by half the sugar next time, but people loved it just as it was.

  2. Your community has a lot of fun.What a group of kids. Time to have some celebrating and playing.

  3. I love a good pound cake. Probably not enough to make one, but still...

    Love the photos of the Pride Festival. I'm glad you went.

    1. That cake was a bear - especially because all I have is a handheld mixer.

      I'm glad I went too - it was a great day!

  4. What a great Pride day. I hope you gave the haters a good solid middle finger when you walked by.

    1. It really was a great day - not too hot. I didn't have the courage to confront anyone - especially since I know some of them were probably armed.

  5. So glad you got to go to Pride and had fun! Ms. CLT (or whatever that sash says) has QUITE the hourglass figure. I love how people now do drag with a full beard!

    Your "ready for bed" hair is pretty funny. :D

    1. I think it stands for Ms. Charlotte Pride - and yes I was impressed by her figure AND her beard. Ha!


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