Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 365 - Week Eight

Sunday, February 14th

We decided that it was too cold for Martha Goose to have to just wear her cupid outfit – so we layered. I think she looks pretty longsuffering to me.

Monday, February 15th
We got more snow on Monday. The penguin luminaries got buried!

Tuesday, February 16th
The Bug household put up the flag of surrender on Tuesday. I stayed home from work – mostly because I had caught a cold (I thought it was allergies, but Dr. M is sick now & supposedly I'm the culprit.)

Wednesday, February 17th
On Wednesday, the dreaded longed for Girl Scout cookies arrived! No, I don't see any irony that I took their picture beside the book I'm reading on weight control. Heh.

Thursday, February 18th
Thursday Dr. M took a picture of the campus squirrel. Do you reckon he's playing hide 'n seek?

Friday, February 19th
It was the last day of work for one of my coworkers (for pretty obvious reasons J). I think it's pretty brave insane crazy cool that she's decided to be a stay at home mom now – she has a 20 month old son who'll be a great big brother to her daughter. I forgot my camera so another coworker took this with her phone (thanks A!). T, you will be missed!

It was really foggy Friday morning. Dr. M took some good shots of the fog, but this is my favorite.

Saturday, February 20th
Well, today it's finally above freezing! The Orange County Chopper snowman (see last week's post) is getting ready for the big sleep. Or maybe he's in his cups.

D. M has named the cat from next door LOL – because that's what we do when we see him. I'm sure we could ask the neighbors what his real name is, but I like this one pretty well. I'd be kind of disappointed to find out his name is Fluffy or some such.

Supposedly we will be having rain this next week. I hope "rain" isn't code for "more snow." In any case, you'll hear all about it next Saturday!

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  1. Another fun set of images. The goffy morning one and kitty are great and I love the Weight Control/Cookies one too. We don't have those cookies here. I think our Health and Safety Gestapo would not allow kids to wander the streets selling cakes.

  2. Ahh, our cookies have arrived as well. and have been almost compeltely devoured.

  3. Ahh, our cookies have arrived as well. and have been almost compeltely devoured.

  4. Some really great photos. Your poor put-upon goose -- she's starting to look like a bag lady! LOL
    Loved the fog photo...reminds me of a kid's book called "Fog Magic".
    Your GS cookies have me drooling. I might have to make some no-bakes now!
    We've had rain off and on all week; not much but enough to green everything up. Hope you get rain and not snow! Although that will mean the end of the snowman, who looks like he's half gone already. " his cups" LOL

  5. Your co-worker looks so young to have another baby too...

    Oh man, I bet my girl scout cookies are in tomorrow at church... gotta have my husband hide them from me!

    Love the lights glowing under the snow!

  6. Martha Goose is a hoot.

    This snow has really been something.

    I love the thin mints. Yum!

  7. Love that goose!! My cookies will be here next week, thankfully I only ordered ones that I can't eat...I ain't no dumb guy.

    Those snow pictures and your house really remind me of Iowa!! LOVE IT.

    Great pictures


  8. The poor goose.

    Sickness, snow seems to be a theme this month, doesn't it? Thank goodness, for those Girl Scout cookies. Are they not timed just perfectly!

    Love the squirrel and street shot by Dr. M. He's good, that one.

  9. Love the layered look on Martha!
    The cookies...Lemonades are my new favorite!
    Super week!

  10. I am waiting for my thin mints from the neighbor - love them.

    Are you ready for spring??? I sure am. Just starting to see patches on snow and more is coming!!!

  11. Too much in Dec, not so much in Feb.

    the book and cookies together is pretty funny. Does the book touch on the subject of GS cookies?

  12. after a two day migraine, your pictures and words made me smile. thank you. yours was the first 365 i read and i am so glad you were humorous, i needed that. :D i cannot believe that cat is sitting in the snow! mine would never!

  13. Your coworker carries her baby like I carried all four of mine! Major protrusion!!
    Funny cat name. Definitely beats Fluffy.

  14. Love the picture of the cat in the snow!

  15. Great week of pictures. All our snow is gone thankfully!

    I guess that means that my Girl scout cookies will be arriving c=very soon.


  16. Hi, Bug!
    Interestingly your photos predominantly include animal creatures while mine tried to focus on food. Well, you did slip in those cookies...
    I always enjoy your artistic takes. fog and cat were my favs this time.
    I also read some surrounding posts and they were delightful.
    Have a great week.
    I will reveal or explain mate next P365.


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