Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project 365 - Week Nine

Sunday, February 21st

I had eight years of piano lessons. I have no natural aptitude for music, so I'm not all that fabulous on the piano. I was one of those students that my teacher used to pay the bills – she had no dreams about me! Well, & I had no musical dreams either. But I am very grateful for the lessons because I can read music and sing a song I've never heard before. And I can pick out my alto line on Dr. M's ancient keyboard. I can plug in headphones for the keyboard, but there's no way to shut me up. Poor Dr. M!

Monday, February 22nd

I don't know why. I just thought it was interesting that when I got home from work on Monday it was 63.2 degrees in the house. It wasn't that cold outside (& we had 52% humidity – score!).

Tuesday, February 23rd

Well, this is another attempt to get a picture of the sheep on the hay. They didn't cooperate, but I thought this one looked all wise or something. I should have asked her what the secret of life was.

Wednesday, February 24th

On Wednesday, I forgot to take a picture during the day. So you get to see our trash & recyclables that I put on the curb. I'm pretty pleased that we have more recyclables than trash (this is for one week) – the next step is to reduce how much stuff we use so that there's less of both. (Please note all the white stuff in the top of the trash bag. Those are Kleenexes people – I think we'll both stop sneezing just in time for spring allergies. Oh joy!

Thursday, February 25th

It's the sun! It was there for about 30 minutes on Thursday. It snowed the rest of the day. It was nice to have a glimpse of an old friend.

Friday, February 26th

Dr. M says that I'm a nerd. And this may be true. But there was a reason that I was sitting around taking pictures of myself at work. I wanted to see if lipstick is really necessary (I think it is). And I wanted to see what I thought of my hair pulled back (it's ok, but I should let the bangs go free so I don't look so severe). And I wanted to see if I look better smiling or not (I'm pretty sure I look deathly either way – all my makeup had worn off by this point. Except for the lipstick I had just applied). In short, I should just leave. the. camera. at. home.

This was Dr. M's commute home on Friday. It was unexpected to us – apparently we missed the part where it was going to snow in the afternoon!

Saturday, February 27th

This is our first Project 365 picture with the new camera! Dr. M took it this morning before I got my lazy self out of bed. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. The luminaries had just gotten themselves unburied from the snow (see last week's 365 post to see how deep they were). Anyway, I think this little guy just looks personally offended by the snow that blew into his face. Hilarious!

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  1. the picture of the sun is glorious. We also have more recyclables than trash. I also compost the kitchen scraps. I put out my little bag of trash and my bin for recycling and look at my neighbor whose large city supplied trash can is over-flowing (OK, she still has two kids, but c'mon). She does not recycle a single thing.

    Definitely better smiling and the lipstick does help define your lips tho I am opposed to make-up on general principles. I've always had very thin lips and as I have ages, they have nearly disappeared. I may have to start wearing lipstick so people won't point at the lipless wonder.

    I like the little smirk in the lower right hand picture.

  2. Love the penguin! Made me laugh, too. And your recyclables! My P365 pic for yesterday is of our car loaded up with same. We were WAY overdue a trip to unload.

    I'm so glad you mentioned luminaries. I want to include some at the much-talked-about rehearsal dinner! There's a deck outside of the room that is glass on two sides. Assuming that it isn't 1) raining and 2) windy, how cool would that be? I need to start a list of all the ideas I am accumulating. See what Jenny has started? LOL!

  3. We have that same keyboard down in the basement. I bought it many years ago before we could afford a piano. I took lessons and carried that keyboard with me to the lessons. I had a very understanding easy going teacher. She had a piano of course, for all the normal people, but I had to be different. I thought the piano keys were too hard to push to make the sound come out...what a whimp I was....ha.
    The sheep does indeed look like a wise owl has whispered some secrets to him.
    Your last photo is awesome!

  4. You started your post by mentioning a piano and ended it with a camera - two items that should be in as many homes as possible as they create joy and bring happiness to the owners and their family.

    (By the way, your smiling photos are not bad at all(

  5. I've got really thin lips but hate makeup so I guess they'll just have to stay that way. I had a litle keyboard similar to that and had piano lessons for about 7 years as an adult. I was no great shakes, but I'd always wanted to learn and I'm glad of it. I tihnk DUTA is right - pianos and cameras for all!

  6. I've got really thin lips but hate makeup so I guess they'll just have to stay that way. I had a litle keyboard similar to that and had piano lessons for about 7 years as an adult. I was no great shakes, but I'd always wanted to learn and I'm glad of it. I tihnk DUTA is right - pianos and cameras for all!

  7. That sunshine picture looks beautiful... am missing Mr. Sunshine around here this week!

    The snow on the penguins face is too funny!

    Our house stays around 63-65 degrees... husband refuses to let me put it around 72 where I want it! :)

  8. Love that you still mess around on the piano, this makes me think that your teacher did have big dreams for just love music your whole life.

    OK, you and I are so alike. I do this too, but just not with the camera. I will do one of my eyes with make up and not the other to see if it really makes a difference. And I also don't like my hair in a ponytail because I look too severe funny.

    It looks like your penguin got hit in the face with a snowball. Love it, and so does Bella.


  9. That was a fun week. We sing with headphones on here too! What glorious noise.

    The sun/sky pic - gorgeous!

    I like bottom left pic best. So cute that you were trying out hairstyles and make-up. Funny!

    That penguin is going to move soon if it keeps this up!

  10. I liked ALL your pictures and could comment on each one. Maybe most on the sheep. I once had a black foster sheep which I called Rapunzel, but it was so stupid it ate styrofoam. Sheeps are generally pretty stupid and not all that wise, but I like their faces, too. I like your face, too, with or without lipstick (I hardly wear any). And I wish I had learned to play the piano. Or at least the recorder (flute). Well, stopping here but expecting more cute photos!

  11. Your commentary always makes me laugh, no matter what the photo!

    Definitely smile. :-)

    I got cold looking at your photos this week. Brrrrr. I guess it still is February so snow is to be expected.

  12. You crack me up Dana! Love your week in review, and you look fine, with or without the colored lips...lolol!

  13. the picture of the sheep is really great! I just kept going back to look at it.

    I always love a sun shot! I know how you feel...that sun feels so good even if it is only for 30 minutes!

    you are hilarious! and maybe you have too much time on your hands at work! ha!

    the penguin made me LOL!!! yes, he looks quite offended!!!

    great week!

  14. You know you live in the midwest when a little sunshine during winter warrants a photo op!

  15. We are finally getting a chance to see the sun ourselves today. I just wish it were warm enough to melt some of the snow already.

    I'm envious of your 52% humidity. I think ours has to be maybe 5%. My skin is so dry and I have static in my hair 24/7.

  16. The sun picture is glorious! Love the pics of you and your reasoning with it! I think I will have to try that.
    Mr. Penguin gave me a giggle.
    Great week!

  17. Fun week..although living in AZ I dont' miss snow like that! Crazy! Love the sun beautiful and we usually have more recycleables too! Have a great week!

  18. Great pictures. Especially love the blue skies and sun picture.

  19. Glad for you that you got a new camera. That's always fun. I've had mine for nearly two years, and I still have SOOOOOO much to learn!

    That poor little penguin.

  20. This post made me laugh out loud. Love your sense of humor.

    The sheep does look wise. Too funny.

    I loved, loved, loved the photos of you at work. My personal favorite is the one on the bottom - left. The whole thing of the hair and lipstick is adorable and so G-I-R-L!

  21. You are great with a camera, new or old. Love the sheep photo! And how did you get that stunning sun photo?
    It was fun to see the Bug herself ;) I like the smiley glamorous YOU.


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