Sunday, March 28, 2010

Magpie Tales - Week Seven

It's time again for Willow's Magpie Tales. Each week she posts a prompt around which a tale should be formed. Click the link above to see other offerings.

Girl With a Yellow Flower

Standing on the corner
Knots ravel & unravel
Frayed twine twisting
I am a hot mess

Everyone who passes
Could be or not be
Endless and final stop
That sly sideways glance

No one approaches
And, weary,
I drop the daffodil
From my fingers


  1. Oh, gosh, I am always a hot mess.

    Sad, your daffodil girl was stood up.

  2. This was a lovely neat, poignant poem. I like the phrase "hot mess", might have to steal...

  3. I likeeee very much! You painted a very clear, very poetical picture!

  4. Oh, I can just see her! Funny, I thought of something besides being stood up--waiting by the side of the road? Ahem.

  5. So bright a flower/wonderful poem
    and the story just a tinge sad!

    you got the prize for saying the sky in my post the other day!
    email me
    so I can get it to you!

  6. so sad...i wish i could approach her

  7. Bittersweet indeed, poor love to be left standing.


  8. "That sly sideways glance" I bet, with a bit of angst added in. Lovely poem.

  9. this one did not work out, but the girl in the poem was meant for someone better, someone who could appreciate her inner beauty and love her insides more than her outsides. :)

  10. Nicely done, short and succinct.

  11. Great poem... and have to agree with the others about 'hot mess'!!

  12. You got the brass ring with "I am a hot mess"! This is a wonderful poem.
    Magpie Daffodil

  13. I visualized her standing there, a hot mess indeed. Beautiful photo of a daffodil. One of my favorite flowers.

  14. I was going to say I like the hot mess bit, yet see everybody's beat me to it. Love the imagery.

  15. Don't worry Daffodil girl..the best is yet to be!!

  16. Could be or not be -- excellent! And the hot mess, as most have mentioned, is brilliant.

  17. I'd have given you more than a sideways glance Bug, you old heartstring-tugger, you!

  18. Nice juxtaposition...a hot mess and the cool beauty of the daffodil.

  19. A customer any customer. Poor girl. Do daffodils carry special meaning on the street in the USA?

  20. beautifully sorry for her...


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