Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Uh Oh Spaghetti-O

Last night during a reprieve from coughing and blowing my nose, I dreamed that I was eating spaghetti. I took a big bite, and chomped down on a cough drop. Ewww! For the rest of the night I dreamed or thought about how disgusting that would be. Tomato sauce with a hint of "Vapor Action." Even now I shudder in revulsion.

And of course I had to share my revulsion with all my readers because that's me. If you met me in person you would quickly realize that not only do I not have a filter for things I say, but that I think that all the things I'm thinking about are fascinating. I over share. Just a tad.

Once, when I was doing the sermon on Youth Sunday (boy those folks LOVED me - I was the soul of brevity, so no problem at all with getting out of church in time to beat the lunch crowd), I may have mentioned that our family sometimes skipped church because we were tired. And that on those days my parents had us read a story out of the Children's Bible. Afterward, my dad said that people liked a woman of mystery. That I did not need to share everything that was in my head. Really.

And now I feel like I've shared that story on here already. But my cold is keeping me from caring enough to go back and look.

Anyway, the point is that I had to tell you the spaghetti and cough drop story. Because, Woman of Mystery? Is not me.

Hmmm - you know what I'm really craving for dinner tonight?


  1. I am a take it all or leave it all kinda gal. No mystery in me at all. When you get to know me you will always know exactly how I am feeling and what I think about a certain topic.

    Woman of mystery...pshaw.

  2. I agree cough drop spegettie sounds gross.

    For the last couple of days I've been trying to write a post about my tendency to over share my opinions with people. I often think its a great quality to have, but then I over share to the wrong person at the wrong time and people end up mad...

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  4. I knew a chick who made pasta salad with Skittles.

  5. The main thing is that your Dr.M accepts you 'as is' - a woman of no mystery, and likes that.

  6. they say that dreams are the minds way of filing away the thoughts of the day - if this is true then we're all pretty weird!

    but then they also say stupid things like if you dream of falling and don't wake up then you die - how the hell do they know??? Who did they ask???

    Excellent post - enjoyed the freeform thinking!

  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that you might be having spaghetti tonight. But that's me, I'm a risk-taker!

    Whatever is on tonight's menu I hope you are able to enjoy it without any cough-drop flavoring.

    Feel better soon!

  8. Ha! I noticed one of your labels said Brain Cloud. I used to label some of mine as Brain Weeding. I also like to weed my brain thoughts to any unfortunate listener. Too funny.. about the cough drop medicine spaghetti dream. Colds tend to make us a little goofy sometimes. I am going to guess you will eat some chicken noodle soup with hot sauce. That is our cure...at our house.

  9. Ah, I am also an over-discloser. I hope you feel better soon!

  10. i, too, have no filter at all.
    i think it's better that way!

  11. I dreamed I was eating candy once and my mouth started watering and I aspirated my own saliva. Woke right up, couldn't breathe, gasping for breath. Husband did the hiemlech (sp?) on me which fortunately cleared my airway somewhat and eventually I could breath again. Scary. So dream about food all you want, just don't dream about something that makes your mouth water a lot.

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  13. I am definitely a what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of person. No mystery at all -- just let it all hang out. :-)

    Cough drop spaghetti ... um ... good thing it was only a dream.

    And that mysterious comment deleted? That was me. My comment posted on an old, obscure e-mail I used to have. *sigh*

  14. Oh my, we really must be twins separated at birth. LOL Over explaining is my forte :-)

  15. I am so in tune with people's feelings that I seldom verbalize things without making sure I don't risk hurting feelings. It's that Disease to Please remnant in me.

    Speaking of oversharing of opinion, when I did my solo on Sunday, I was approached by another choir member who is a psychologist and is one of those souls who will just spit it all out with no regard to feelings. She wanted to tell me that I "did a good job, but that I really needed to learn to moderate the sound of my voice." In other words, YOU ARE TOO LOUD. Well, I just smiled at her, but walked away shaking my head in wonderment. I would have never in a million years said that to someone who'd just done something so outside their comfort zone for the very first time. But, that's just me. :c)

  16. Dear The Bug,
    Looks like all your readers are extroverts too! That's what we really mean! And I believe that works for us!

    Ann T.


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