Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project 365 - Week Thirteen

Sunday, March 21st
When I was at church on Sunday I noticed these lovely crocuses (crocusii?) in the back garden.

Monday, March 22nd
On Monday my NCAA basketball bracket was totally busted when Northern Iowa defeated Kansas. I only do the bracket to make the tournament more interesting to me, so I didn't have a problem with an underdog winning. In fact, I change my loyalties game by game depending on which team has the saddest story to tell. I'm such a sucker!

Tuesday, March 23rd
Dr. M & I don't have children or pets. What we do have is all of these little critters that make us smile. And don't require rearing or caring for. This year we decided that we needed to be fashionable and have a sock monkey. His name is Zeke

Wednesday, March 24th
On Wednesday I wandered around the neighborhood a bit to see what might be blooming. I didn't get close enough to this neighbor's house to tell if the flowers are real or not (I'm guessing not), but I think they're fun, regardless!

Thursday, March 25th
On Thursday Dr. M took pictures of daffodils – but I'm more intrigued by the tree sculpture!

He also saw a seagull. We're only 125 miles from Lake Erie, so it wasn't that far from home.

Friday, March 26th
Friday morning I woke up to this (the picture was taken around 7:00 a.m.):

And then on his way home, Dr. M found spring again.

Saturday, March 27th
Today I took a picture of a couple of the blossoms on our Kalanchoe plant.

And then we took a drive, and because I knew you'd be missing them, we took a picture of sheep. Doesn't it look like the sheep is wearing leg warmers? Is it going to start flash dancing on me?

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  1. Well, yes, I WAS wondering where the sheep were.

    And I'm with you. what a cool tree sculpture.

  2. Oh - that's a baby lamb!! Love their little legs!

    You have West Virgina beating KY - that'll give you some good points! :)

    That tree sculpture is pretty amazing!

    Can you believe snow is still around? We had some the other night too - only for it to get in the 60's during the day - how bizarre!!!

  3. My mom makes sock monkeys hers are themed. Love all the flower pictures real or not. Those sheep crack me up. I love all your cute photo frames. Maybe one day I'll grow up and become an informed blogger and be able to do all those fancy things too!

  4. You can tell you live in the midwest. lol If you don't like the weather, stick around and it'll change in 15 minutes.

    Lovely photos, as always. Break dancing sheep, now that would be a sight! :-)

    Am enjoying seeing the "first signs of spring" photos that everyone is posting. Does make me a little nostalgic for those peeking-through-the-gray-and-brown bits of color.

    Have a great week!

  5. Hubby only has Duke left in his picks with the office pool. It's been fun to watch this year.

    Ugh... snow! Go away snow! Don't you know it's time for spring???

  6. Beautiful pictures Bug. Makes me impatient for spring. We are a few weeks behind you in terms of growing season. Not a sign of a crocus yet, and certainly no blossoms on any of the trees (just the merest hint of bud on some of the bushes).

  7. Great pics! Is that tree sculpture made of books?
    Love the sock monkey. I have a few kids I could trade you for the monkey. :)
    Have a super week!!!

  8. I love the flower pictures... so beautiful!
    I love sock monkeys... I think they are so cool!

  9. You realize, don't you, that you change team loyalties based on their sad stories because you are a WOMAN, not because you're a sucker. :) They only TELL those stories to get the wives to watch. Ha ha!

    Zeke is cute.

    Your Kalanchoe plant is very pretty!

    You're right! Those little lambs DO look like they're wearing leg warmers. Aren't they adorable???

  10. Yet another lovely mixed bag this week. I like the sock monkey! And that sculpture is very intriguing.

  11. I really don't enjoy basketball, but put up with it each year because my men do....give me baseball!

    that tree sculpture was really cool.

    amazing how you went from spring to winter to spring again in one week! ha!

  12. That tree sculpture is in front of a library, so yes, I guess it IS made of books. I hadn't noticed before. That's pretty clever!

  13. Great week! Love all of the edits. My bracket was busted when Kansas lost too...oh well there is always next time!

  14. Ummmm.... I think you have my couch or one very similar to it! Too bad mine is a broken down hand me down in need of a replacement or I'd take a picture just to prove it :)

  15. I live in the midwest too - near South Bend. Overall I have loved this March weather but the mornings are cold! My 18 y/o daughter left the house this morning in sandals... I really have tried! Your pictures were great - the lambs were so cute! Have a great week!

  16. Dear Bug,
    What have you done with the crocii, the daffodil, the tree sculpture, and the sheep? They didn't show up :(
    I love that last bloom!

  17. Love the sheep and the blue house and... OH, MY! My sister used to make those sock monkeys back when I was a little girl and she made one for me. Love him. So cute.

  18. love the lamb picture! so sweet! ;)


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