Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Complaint Department

Shall I whine? Just a bit, I promise.
  • I don't like it when my shoes eat my socks. By the end of the day, if I haven't been diligent in pulling them back up, I am about an inch taller from the socks bunched underneath my heel.
  • I am tired of my dry hacking cough. Slept on the futon last night (for head elevation & to spare Dr. M – especially since he slept on there all last week when he was sick). I'll be there again tonight. I'm determined to not take anything for it because I'm tired of being a zombie the next day (don't worry Daddy – if it's midnight & I can't stop coughing I'll take the dratted cough syrup).
  • There is something wrong with leaving the house in 27 degree weather & returning in 60 degree weather. I need to tote a suitcase to carry back all the layers I peel off during the day. Actually, I'm not really complaining about this. I just think it's funny to be lugging my winter coat home at the end of the day.
  • I don't know why I had to wear pants that have two buckles, two fasteners & a zipper on a day when I had to go to the bathroom at least once per hour. That added an extra 2 minutes to each trip. Sheesh.
  • That's it. I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of a 5th thing to complain about, but I got nothing.
I'll leave you with something lovely to counteract the whine. Ahhh…


  1. Complain away! I'm just glad that for ONCE I'm not the only one complaining around here! *G*

  2. Oh, and would it be awfully evil of me to say that I got quite a giggle from reading your whines?

  3. Socks are a very big issue around here. I have been known to throw an entire pack away of mine and Bellas if they don't make us happy. Layering is my life here in CA all year round. My big issue is when I accidentally leave the layers at work and then have to come up with NEW layers the next cold morning and then I have even more to lug home...geesh!! Don't get me started on pants...we might just have to break out the real wine!!

  4. Dear The Bug,
    Can I whine too?

    My cats have decided that sleeping in the closet on the clean towels is the bomb. So,
    No clean towels.
    I washed them all.
    I was going to put them on the shelf again and realized that without a door on that shelf, I was fated to never learn from history. I hung them up on pant hangers.

    They are all down on the closet floor. Apparently that was great fun too.

    Socks and cats never learn,
    Ann T.

  5. I feel your pain. Sam currently has a stuffy head and I am just waiting for my turn... ugh. Oh, and did I mention our trip is coming up? Just in time...

    Hope today is a better day!

  6. Oh, that is a lovely picture! Love those little blue thingies. And you go ahead and whine any time you want!

  7. I'll take the sea of beauty over the 5th complaint any day.

  8. Complaining helps keep the balance. However, sleeping on a futon? Um, I'd cough in bed. Love is...never having to sleep on a futon.

  9. What a lucky girl you are to have only four things to complain about.... (lol)

  10. Whine away. Sometimes its the little things that get under our skin the most.

    So how long have you had this dry annoying cough?

  11. I have to agree with Katy. It is the little things that are "The Straw that breaks the camels back." I don't have a clue where that saying came from, but I tend to use it a lot. When I first starting blogging, I had an "Ageing Wisdom" blog (I don't think I am wise...so I don't know why I chose that name...) Then I added a "Happy Thoughts" blog about things that make me happy. And then I had a "Whining Blog". I had more visits to the whining blog. We all love to complain. It really does make me feel better. If I had to hold it inside, I would explode.
    I know you are anxious to get rid of that cough. That alone is enough to drive you bonkers.

  12. Aw Bug, everyone needs to vent their spleen from time to time . To innumerate the small irritations, heave them out of our brains, and away :-)

    And yes, sweet lords of mercy, the temperature variation is driving me to distraction! When I'm not busy shivering, I'm wondering how on Earth it got so warm in here. Or that trick Spring plays on you, where it looks like a glorious day, and then it turns out the wind is set to blow you to Oz.

    Still, so much nicer than the endless winter.

    I'll provide your fifth whine for the day if you life, sad but true: The frelling coffee maker was dead when I got up this morning. I pushed the button, nothing happened. I moved it to another outlet, and nothing happened some more.

    Then I bellowed into the basement, "FLINT! I need to borrow your coffee maker!!!" and I was thankful that I store an over-caffienated teenager in the basement, for just such an emergency ;-)

  13. Oh, my gosh! That sock thing drives me crazy, and every time it happens to me, I swear to myself that I will throw the socks in the trash when I get home, and every time I forget. Next thing I know, they've gone in the wash and I'm pulling them out of the drawer again. Guess you hit a nerve. Ha!

  14. Gorgeous flowers!
    I know exactly what you mean about socks sliding down into your shoes, and about toting home half of what I started out the day wearing.
    Hope you start feeling better SOON. A friend told me about mixing equal parts honey and whiskey as a cough suppressant; could not handle the whiskey (WAY too strong) but discovered that substituting vodka worked just fine. And no nasty side effects the next day!
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  15. Ah go ahead and whine! It eases your liver.

    You're so funny.

  16. No harm in letting of a little steam now and then. I'm a full-time sock-wearer myself but mine do manage to stay put but I hate the lines they leave when you take them of - sooo unattractive!


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