Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project 365 – Week Twelve

Wow, what a difference a week makes! When we left Ohio to head south on the 6th there was snow on the ground. When we came back last Sunday it was all gone and the grass was green! We've still had cold mornings, but the weather has been so nice that I almost believe that it's really spring. Once again I find myself apologizing for the pictures. I was playing around with my Corel Photo Album program & went just a tad completely crazy. Fun with frames! I would like to promise to control myself in future, but it's just not truthful to make such a promise.

Sunday, March 14th
We drove back from NC on Sunday. This is a picture of the flooding in the Kanawa River Valley in West Virginia. I think these folks are used to it, but it was pretty scary to me!

Monday, March 15th
Monday I decided at the last minute to participate in Willow's Magpie Tales meme because the photo prompt reminded me of a poem I wrote in college. So that necessitated a dive into my old poetry journal. I really should transcribe all of these before the journal falls apart!

Tuesday, March 16th
Dr. M got the mower out today to make sure it will crank. Hard to believe that we'll need to start mowing in the near future. I'm excited because I should be able to help a little more this year.

While we were out getting a picture of the mower I decided that the sky needed a shout out too!

Wednesday, March 17th
So I wore green for St. Patrick's Day, but did I get a photo of the green? No. It was late in the day & the only thing I could think about was eating pierogies for dinner. So that's what I took a picture of. Eating potatoes is Irish – right?

Thursday, March 18th
I wore my "tall girl shoes" on Thursday. My mom bought me these shoes years ago & I think they're the cutest things, but a) I don't really do very well in shoes with heels (Klutz, Party of 1 – that's me) and b) oh the pain in the balls of my feet after wearing them all day! So Thursday night I bagged them up to give them to my friend A. And I took pictures to commemorate them.

Friday, March 19th
Signs of spring – the Good Humor ice cream truck, and The Bug finally pulling the penguin luminaries up.

Saturday, March 20th
Today I decided to roam about the yard looking for signs of new growth. Our spring shoots are more modest than the ones we saw in NC last week, but they're there!

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  1. So glad spring has made it's way up to you. It's cold and raining here today.

  2. I'm loving all your fancy frames. But seriously, the one around the pierogies (sp) makes me think of a circular saw. Was that on purpose? A subliminal message? I forgot to take a picture of me in green, too. Maybe it's because three different people told me it wasn't really green. It was too! It was a blue shade of green, but green nonetheless. And hey, if my earrings matched (which they most certainly did), then green they were. I'm more Irish than I was last year so don't arg with me!

    I feel better now. I feel better especially that you're home.

  3. Another fun week of pics for us! The shoes caught my attention. I can't wear shoes with heels either so I have to remain short. At least your friend gets a pair of shoes! Thanks for sharing.

  4. So this is what Corel can do. I have always wondered about it, and thought about buying it. I like the first one because the edging looks like an old style photo.

  5. got love "good humor ice cream"

  6. I occasionally use to do fun things with photos but mostly I'm just too lazy. Enjoyed seeing the fun things you did to yours though!

    Wonderful photos! The blue sky is a welcome arrival after all the gray of winter, isn't it? I definitely think you need to preserve your poems for posterity -- that binder has seen better days :-)

    We don't have an ice cream truck here; there are men on bicycles with little coolers mounted up front. The weird thing is that their typical shout out always sounds mournful! I'm not getting that. Ice cream is HAPPY, not mournful. LOL

  7. Your grass is incredibly green!

    Its so fun to see signs of life again!

  8. Oh spring is in the air! Love all of your edits and borders...really very cute! Looks like a great week! Cute shoes, but I am a flats person too...

  9. Ooooh! I'm a poetry person, too!!
    I must say, I've never ever seen an ice cream truck quite like that one. :)

  10. love the creativity with the pictures... I don't know how to do that but I would love to learn...
    I love pierogies but for some reason don't eat them often...
    We too enjoyed some spring like days however today it is cold and rainy...

  11. wonderful 365.

    spring is my favorite season, i love seeing all the green coming up!


  12. Love all the cute things you did to your pics! and love those shoes!

  13. You got fancy and creative this week! Very fun.
    I love your tall shoes!!
    I love that we got to see the mower and the penquins all in the same week. That's the Midwest, isn't it?!
    Have a super week!

  14. I forgot green day too in my pictures. I took pictures of us in green, but didn't use them for the 365 post. Oh well. I like all the different frames. 365 is a great way to experiment with them, I think.

  15. "Good Humor Ice Cream"... love it! ;) You're excited to cut grass? Hehe...

  16. how did your grass get so GREEN?! We didn't have much snow and still our grass is brown!!!

    the ice cream truck....true sign of spring!!!


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