Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project 365 - Week Ten

Sunday, February 28th
On Sunday Dr. M managed to capture an elusive male cardinal in our back yard.

Monday, March 1st
On Monday Dr. M meandered his way home so he could take some pictures with the new camera. Here's the one that I thought was most interesting.

Tuesday, March 2nd
Really, this week was mostly about Dr. M using the new camera. Here's the most interesting picture from Tuesday. I love the bendy water…

Wednesday, March 3rd
We all know what day this was, right? My birthday! I already posted a picture of my cake, so I decided to take the monthly picture of Martha Goose. As you can see, she is wearing her April showers costume. The problem is that the March costume is a bunny outfit, which is obviously meant for Easter – so we're saving that one for April. Can you tell we give this entirely too much thought!?

Thursday, March 4th
Thursday was a beautiful sunny day, prompting Dr. M to take another ramble. Did you know that we already have 158 pictures on the new camera? And I've deleted some of them already. I had such a hard time choosing the pictures from this day, but I was able to narrow it down to three.

This last one shows the wall of snow by the side of the road – created by the snow plows & wind. This wall isn't even as high as the one we travelled through last Sunday – scary!

Friday, March 5th
On Friday I attended a Tastefully Simple party. For those of you who have attended such a party you know that the whole point is that you get to sample all the food. This picture doesn't show all the food, but I thought it was pretty representative. Yes, I ordered some things. It was a benefit for the church – that's why I did it. Really!

Saturday, March 6th
I am writing this on Friday night because we're heading out sometime Saturday morning (not too early!). My plan is to take a picture of the trunk of the car filled with luggage. We'll see what actually ends up in this space!

Two people, eight days - it's a full trunk! Boy my car is FILTHY. I think a car wash might be in order at some point...

I may or may not get a chance to check out the other Project 365 blogs this week, but that doesn't mean you can't. Just go here tomorrow!


  1. That picture of the water & the bends in the water is just BEAUTIFUL... looks like a postcard!

  2. The bendy water and railway lines in the snow are my faves! And yes you did think entirelymtoo much about your Martha goose, but who cares? It was fun!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! You won't be disappointed with Tastefully Simple die for!

  4. What wonderful pictures! I love the cardinal!

  5. Great pics this week- tell Dr. M "good job"! And yes, I also have a b-day this month, it's on the 9th!

  6. I love the bendy river and the railroad tracks.

    My car is filthy, too. So filthy! Am I bragging about filth? Well, I know my car is by far the filthiest! It's all the chemicals from the snow, but that doesn't account for the inside, does it?

    I'm enjoying your photos!

    I have to stop now. It's only 5 AM but I feel the need to find a car wash. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. I love that you both take pictures!!! my family pretty much just humors me every day! :)

    those are beautiful shots all week....what is it about an old barn that I love so much?

    great week!

  8. It doesn't look like you guys are anywhere close to Spring yet. Brrr!

    I think we should introduce Martha the Goose and Sam/Samantha the Flamingo to each other. If I think of it, I'll bring him/her with me if I travel north in a few months.

  9. I love, absolutely love, your outdoor pics. I live in the Midwest too, so this time of year it is good to be reminded of some of the beauty of it! Thanks!

  10. Beautiful pictures. I love the cardinal. Such a pretty contrast against the white.

  11. I like the picture of the cardinal best, it's clear as day why they are incredibly fast, elusive creature. The male cardinals aren't exactly where camo in winter!

    "Look, over there!" says the predator, "something to eat!"

    You'd better be quick with an escape wing.

    I love all the pictures, particularly the railroad tracks, simply because it's such an invitation to imagination. What's around the bend?

    Have a lovely trip, hopefully you were headed somewhere a bit warmer :-)

  12. Love the pictures...the new camera is off to a great start!
    Have a super fun and safe trip!

  13. Yay for new cameras! The cardinal pic is beautiful, as is the one with the barn and the stream.

    Have a fun eight days...can't wait to see your adventures.

  14. LOVE the old grey building. Actually, all the landscape photos your husband took are gorgeous. guys live in SUCH a picturesque place!! Wow.
    Okay. That wall of snow freaks. me. out. Being claustrophobic, I can't imagine driving through something like that...not and still be able to breathe!!
    Happy birthday! And y'all have a fun trip.

  15. I love the picture of the red bird. Beautifully simple.

    I also wanted to add that I am really jelous of your Martha Goose. I have always wanted one of those.

    I can't wait to see her again in April.

  16. Marvellous photography!
    Must be spring break for you?
    Happy birthday, belatedly? 29, right?

  17. Dr. M is taking some wonderful photos with the new camera -- especially like the first one with the cardinal. Wow!

    Hope you're having a great time on your trip!

    I missed your birthday -- Happy Belated!!!

  18. Wow...if teaching doesn't pan out he can turn to photography. Great pictures, love the cardinal and the barns. I hope you have a very fun trip and I hope we get some more fab pictures.

    I love that goose, that kind of stuff, is right up my alley.

  19. I enjoyed all of the photos and it looks like you are going on a trip. Have fun!

  20. Wonderful pictures! The snow and the river was beautiful!

    Cardinals are on of my favorite birds, they remind me of my grandpa!

    Have a great week!


  21. You captured some of the best photos!! I love the old barn, I captured one of those myself, it was a shack in the woods but still love it!!! Happy late birthday mine was the 5th!! March rocks!!! eh'????

  22. Oh and I nearly forgot great shot of the cardinal. I keep seeing them but the animals scare them off. I love how they stand out so vividly in creation when its cold and winter!!!

  23. wew - the red bird on the tree its an AWESOME picture!

    well they all are but thta one is amazing!


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