Avast! ‘tis the Poetry Bus!

Liz from Musings has given us a Halloweeny prompt this week. Actually she almost provided too many prompts for me. Then a particularly miserable Halloween bubbled up to the surface…

Halloween, circa 1974

The night I dressed
As a pirate
The patch fixed
Over one eye
Under my glasses
Sort of spoiled the effect
And rain completed
My abject discomfort.
Was any amount
Of chocolate and
Worth this hell?

Go to Liz's blog to read the other responses to her prompts. They'll probably be spookier/happier/better than my effort!


  1. Straight from the heart! Patch Out Of Hell! Happy Hallowe'en this year...

  2. Snigger... Oh I feel it, there is nothing more depressing than being uncomfotable and wet in a fancy dress costume!

  3. Good build up to the discomfort of a pirate. Like how it ends on the hell note. cheers.

  4. Boy can I relate ! wet, unsure-
    Good one!

  5. Confession: I never had a store bought costume..my mother would schlepp us into old party dresses from a distant cousin or sheets...anything and she would drive us to people we knew very well. I understand the idea in your poem, I was uncomfortable too.

  6. I definitely can remember some Halloweens being so cold... burr!
    :) The Bach

  7. I wondered that myself a time or two ushering my kids around an a nasty halloween night. They, of course, thought yes! It is worth it and let's go to that house too.

  8. I think I've blocked out miserable halloweens, weather-crushed, every one of them. No, actually, I was denied the opportunity to trick or treat when I was, like, five? I got cranky or something, and well, I thought I was going to get my way. I don't remember details.

    Sorry for your lousy Hallowholiday.

  9. Oh yes! As a four-eyed geek myself, I know whereof you speak (sounds like the start to a poem, doesn't it?) let's not even go into the whole area of swimming, okay?

    On the other hand, chocolate soothes the ravaged breast (or something like that.)


  10. You should have washed your hands of the whole affair, like erm Pontius Pirate.

  11. The only time I ever went anywhere in fancy dres was as a pirate, but to make it funny I carried a VHS tape with me. I was a ..... VIDEO pirate! Aaah, such wit!

    Feel you pain in that pome though.

  12. Ha, ha! I remember trick-or-treating in the snow once. Now, that was misery!

  13. Oh my Lord, Peter's poor pun!
    Yes, Bug, specs / ruin the effects / of scary pirate / so take the mess / and with a God bless / fire it!

  14. great one - i think i went trick or treating once with the cub scouts and that was it

    now i live in an area where kids are a means of income (both child benefits and as a cheap alternative to turkey at christmas (joke)) - so have to contrive to be out or face the Night Of The Four Hundred Door Knocks

  15. Oh, Thank you! I love your sense of humor in this poem.
    It perfectly describes a conference paper I had to read last fall... had an eye condition that meant my wearing a patch, but I also needed my glasses to read. So there I was, in of all places, Buzzard's Bay, MA, reading a paper on Semiotics, looking every bit the Pirate Queen. lol

  16. Perfect description of those far from perfect costumes.


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