Full Stop

This day I
Woke. Bathed.
Drove. Worked.
And ate three meals.
Tomorrow I will
Wake. Bathe.
Drive. Work.
And eat three meals.
Dreadful same, innit?
Well, sameness has a
Comfort and a
Sometimes charm.
And besides,
Each full stop
Brings its own
Possibility for
Devious detour.

This is a One Shot Wednesday Poem. Please go here to enjoy other One-Shots!


  1. ha. i live for those devious detours to break my sameness...smiles. nice one shot!

  2. It is those devious detours that add spice to life!

  3. I happen to be a creature of habit and feel a certain amount of charm and comfort from it, as well. (of course, I love the occasional detour!)

  4. Fun, life-enhancing stuff. Summed up my attitude towards my highly-scheduled life and the occasional, seemingly whimsical detours. :)

  5. The daily grind is good stuff. You don't have to think or plan, just go with the flow.

  6. Whenever I feel like I've spent to long on a winding detour I love finding that comfert of sameness again.

    And thanks for linking to my blog yesterday Dana! Amazing how somethings just intersect.

  7. Nice life! Actually, I'm much the same, and always open to "[d]evious detour."

  8. A great thing to have such detours, and sameness can charm with comfort. Cool twist at the end. Nice One Shot!

  9. What is that old saying..something like variety is the spice of life and I believe it. Sure, its very comfortable to live the same life day in and out but sometimes you need something to just smack you awake. I myself tend to go on auto-pilot a lot. Your poem gave me a lovely jolt this morning, thank you.

  10. I've known many people who craved an ordinary life
    a constant
    honest day
    lovely thoughts
    with a wink

  11. Nothing like the occasional deviation to break the monotony!

    Amusing One Shot, Bug!

  12. i love it -- very true. forever, i thrived off of change, but i definitely seem to be settling down and loving the beauty of the life i created.

  13. You put it so nicely.

    I find comfort in routine and only need the occasional detour for a little spice.

  14. I am a firm believer in routine. I like the comfort of it, but I agree; devious detours can be fun too.

    Perceptive poem.



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