Project 365 – Week Forty-One

Sunday, October 3rd
Dr. M had an event at his university on Sunday afternoon. The actual event was a play about the underground railroad, but there was also a preview of a Lewis & Clark exhibit Dr. M is in the process of creating. These are prints from William Clark's journal – I think they're pretty cool.

Dr. M doing his spiel for guests at the event.

When we got home I took a picture of this jewelry "word" I created. I wanted to remind myself to do something in the morning but was too lazy to find a post-it note. I thought this was pretty clever – can you tell what it says?

Monday, October 4th
On Monday Dr. M took one of his deer pictures – I liked the pose this one took.

It's homecoming week at his school – and of course this banner caught his eye LOL.

Tuesday, October 5th
On Tuesday I took these pictures of the sky on my way home. The first one is the direction I was driving. The second one is over my shoulder. I thought it was interesting to have such different looking skies right there together.

Dr. M took a picture of our grape tomato plant – still doing its thing.

Wednesday, October 6th
On Wednesday Dr. M took a picture of a surprise bird (it's a surprise because he'd been taking picture of crows & a hawk, but then along came this beauty).

And here is what he drove behind on the way home.

Thursday, October 7th
On Thursday I took a picture of a little stand I pass every day. I couldn't stop so I just generally aimed & shot as I drove by - & you can tell! No, the land doesn't slope like that in real life.

Dr. M read my mind again (scary!) & took this picture of the purple & yellow flowers that are popping up on the sides of the roads here. So pretty!

And here is a look at our town in fall.

Friday, October 8th
Dr. M saw this pumpkin patch on his way home on Friday.

And I took a picture near my office. I like that there is a green tree, an orange tree, and an evergreen tree right there together.

Saturday, October 9th
Today was the homecoming game & festivities at Dr. M's school. We had to be there bright & early (9:30 – that's early for me on a Saturday – since it's an hour away) because each school organization was supposed to have a table at a "carnival." Unfortunately, most of the history club members are in the band, so that left Dr. M (& me!) to operate their game. We had bocce ball – those who got closest to the yellow ball got some candy.

Here's Dr. M showing off his form.

This guy was so funny! His game was to have people throw tennis balls at bottles on his table. I threw the ball under the table. He had pity on me & gave me a piece of candy anyway.

One last shot – the cheerleaders changed into these fun outfits for the halftime show. I want some socks like that!

P.S. It was SO HOT today! I got sunburned because I wasn't prepared, which is silly because you can get burned even if the temperature is cooler, so I should have used sunscreen regardless. But, on the plus side we actually won the football game!

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  1. I spent way too much time staring at that jewelry word-- WELSH? Seriously, how is making a word out of jewelry easier than finding a post-it?!

  2. oh these are lovely...esp the bluejay and the tomato plant...

  3. I think the word is weigh -- reminding you to weigh in?

    I love your photos and your brief descriptions. It's like I was with you for all the high points...

  4. Homecoming is so much fun and even more fun when you win...whoo to the hoo! OK...with the whole jewelry thing...I got the w e and h, I think, but it made my brain trying to figure it out! lol Love the HAY LOOK boys do that to me all the time!! And I always fall for it! purple and yellow flowers...some of my favs. Have a great week.

  5. I'd like to see those pages from William clark's journal close up.

    And no, I can't tell what the word is and not for lack of trying.

  6. Great pics - but, I have tried once or twice to take a pic while in the vehicle and none of mine turned out as well as all of yours! Be careful! :)
    Oh yeah, and love the socks!

  7. Great capture of the week's activities. I also love the socks.

  8. hmmmmm...the jewelry word is HARD. Can't figure out the 2 in the middle. I am with WouthLakesMom, I think it is weigh.

    love the sky pic. Reminds me of always got different sky pictures there during a storm.

  9. I have crazy socks like that, try Target :)

    Love the sky pictures. I used to see a lot of those in Oregon.

    I couldn't figure out the word, sorry. But I see the best guess is probably weigh.

  10. Pretty clever indeed the jewelery word you've created. I think the commenter suggesting 'weigh' may be right. The tomato plant, by the way, looks also like a piece of jewelery.
    I can't have the girls' fresh beauty , so I would settle for a pair of their colorful socks.

  11. Great week...

    I have no clue what your jewelry word spells out...


  12. I love the towns where it is actually fall. I also love homecoming games and festivities...ours isn't until the end of October.

    Great pictures as usual!!

  13. Great nature shots as always!
    I can get the W, E and H too. All I can say is you are creative!!
    Dr. M is very versatile; lectures/presentations, photographer, water-er and bocce? My goodness!!
    Have a super week!!

  14. Yes, it does say "weigh" - and Bekah is right - I think I could have found a post-it faster. But it was entertaining :)

  15. Love the last picture. So fun those socks. I think the word was wash. Did you need to do wash? LOL
    Although the a looks like an e. Hmmm I don't know.
    Gorgeous sky pics too.

  16. ok - firstly i admire the fact you keep this up so well, i would have lost momentum very early on

    Secondly - i love these photos

  17. It's always fun to see your week in photos. I love all the fall color!

  18. As usual--unusual!
    Two creative minds copme together=great Project 365 pics!
    Love the goldenrod & purple.
    TU's colors, actually, and this past weekend was their homecoming. I'm not an alum, but I taught there for years, and it's right next door.

  19. I want socks like that too!

    Wash? Walk? Is that an a or e in 2nd place? No clue about the third letter. I am jewelry-writing impaired I guess.

    Lovely town you live in...maybe especially in the fall? I think the colors of fall make everything prettier.


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