Project 365 – Week Forty

Sunday, September 26th
We've got more squirrels this week. Sunday Dr. M got a picture of this fellow on the neighbor's tree – I love that tree!

Monday, September 27th
On Monday I took another picture of our sweet potato science experiment. I love how green the leaves are. We're not quite sure what we're going to do with this guy.

Tuesday, September 28th
Here's the Tax Time Pig making a statement – isn't she lovely?

And Dr. M chased another squirrel around the yard (or I guess it could be a new one – how can you tell?).

Wednesday, September 29th
On Wednesday on my way to work I took some pictures of the low lying fog – don't know why it fascinates me so.

Thursday, September 30th
On Thursday I saw this dove glowing in the lowering sun – it's saying, "Peace dudes!"

Friday, October 1st
Dr. M took the country way home from school on Friday. I love this picture – doesn't it look like a giant hair trimmer? I think my dad used to use one of these to trim my mom's cockapoo. No? Well, maybe it was a BIT smaller.

Here are some sheep ( I know you are amazed that we would have pictures of sheep) – I just liked the composition of the picture with the barn.

And here's a close-up. Yep, those are definitely sheep.

Saturday, October 2nd
As you can see, we're still in the tomato growing business. And it's October! Granted, we got started late (my seeds sprouted in late April), but my goodness! Here's a picture of how tall & lush the four vines still are (personally, I think "vine" is a misnomer – we have tomato trees!).

Here I am pointing out all the tomatoes still on the vines – these are just the ones I could see in the picture.

Our outdoor ripening center is still busy.

And here are some ready to be eaten – yum!

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  1. Seeing as how our tomato plants became infested with stink bugs last July it was a good thing most had ripened by late June. But I'm envious of you gorgeous ones now. We just planted new plants for the fall garden, and then went off and left them for a week while we were working in the city. No rain all week so they looked mostly dead when we got home. Gave them a good watering so we'll see.

  2. The pig is awesome! And of course I love the sheep. Tomatoes, too! especially since ours were a bust this year. Sad face...

  3. You should fry some of those green tomatoes. So good.

    Love that tree. It looks like a gnarled, old man. Great photo, Dr. M.

    That pig cracks me up every time. I can't get enough of that pig. I swear!

  4. ok, is the pig old enough to wear a red hat? just wonderin'

    I wish we still had tomatoes here. Ours burned up a long time ago!!

    I used to love the fog that we got in IN and how it would lay on top of the corn and flow to the other side of the street to another a canopy as you drove by!

  5. Wow that is A LOT of tomatos!! We are not fans, but for those who are...awesome! Love that photo of the sheep in front of the barn as well...great dimention. And really...the tax time pig looks as though she is wearing a wool bikini!! lol

  6. What is the old saying...take the number of mornings where we have fog and that will determine how many days of snow we have? I suppose if that's true you have at least one snow day on your horizon.

  7. I wish I liked tomatoes...they look so good. I actually keep trying them but am sadly disappointed each time. That tree is so cool looking, and the Tax Time Pig always makes me smile.

    I am fearful that those sheep will be coats and all.

    Great pictures, as usual!!

  8. i like all these photos

    I'm coming to live with you guys :) its been raining for 48 hrs here :(

  9. Fog is intriguing, isn't it? My kids are always like, "Whoa!!!"

    Ha! It DOES look like a giant hair trimmer!!!! Too funny!

    How blessed you are to be still growing so many wonderful tomatoes. Delish!

  10. Those are great pix, Bug. I wonder what it is like to live where you can grow stuff without a fight with nature?

  11. Totally jealous of you tomatoes. My garden was not very successful. I think it because of our lack of bee's this year. We just didn't have any at all! Kinda weird and a bit scary, I think!

    I'd be in tomato heaven with all those lovelies, sauce, salsa, sandwiches...


  12. 'tomato heaven'--lol, about right tho'
    'hair trimmer'--we've been seeing a lot of farm equipment up close and personal, the plus of bike travel.
    squirrels--we have black ones.
    sweet potato--I started one after I saw yours, fun!
    sheep--saw many in Basque Country.

    As always grrrrrreat pics!

  13. Oh those tomatoes look so yummy. I hardly got any this year from my garden. Lots of little ones but only two big ones. Boo hoo.
    Love all the animal pictures and the edits too

  14. you make me want to move to the countryside. great pictures, as always. :)

  15. great tomatoes! i wish i had planted some, hopefully next year! i LoVE your fog pictures too. i never can seem to get good photos of that. actually i enjoyed all of your photos...glad you shared. :)

  16. Tomatoes... nyum, nyum, nyum... Wish I had some good ones right now to pair with my fresh cilantro for some killer salsa :)

    That pig has more outfits than I do!

    Always enjoy your shots of the great outdoors, even if they're right in your back yard!

    I haven't seen any really big farm equipment here, just the typical tractors and other smaller machinery. You'd think at least the bigger farms would have combines and such....

    Or maybe farming is like the construction industry, and they're about 20-30 years behind the U.S. in terms of tools and equipment, and just depend more on manual labor.


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