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I've written these Wordzzles after I told Dr. M that I was going to bed, so I'm not really sure they're coherent. Obviously, I think coherence is overrated since I'm posting the stories anyway. One note: I had to look up Chinese whispers before I could use it. Here's the Wikipedia entry for other folks who might be in the dark!

Head over to Raven's place to read some other Wordzzles – I know I say it every week, but you won't be disappointed. I think we have some talented writers on this team! All right, I'm shutting up now. Read!

Words for the mini: I-pad, Chinese whispers, CD, sparkling, cat food

Penny needed this moment after her trip to the store – purchasing cat food & the new Mary-Chapin Carpenter CD shouldn't have been so stressful, but she didn't really do people these days. Who was she kidding? She had never been comfortable with the shopping hoards. And she was already regretting the CD purchase. If she kept impulse buying she'd never be able to afford an I-pad. Sigh. She stopped the car and got out. The sea was sparkling, the wind whipping about her head sounding for all the world like that game "Chinese Whispers." Penny wondered if what she heard in the wind was a great truth or only a distortion of the meaning of life. Regardless, the susurration was soothing and calmed her nerves. Getting back into her car her thoughts turned to those hungry cats & her own dinner. Quickly, she unwrapped the new CD – might as well enjoy her new purchase anyway.

Words for the 10-worder: talented, oak, speaker, junk, wrapper, pencil, ocean, chatter, bullet, steamy

As the bullet entered its target, John watched the guy next to him write in a small notebook with a pencil. Why a pencil? Seemed like he must be insecure to record his thoughts in an erasable medium. Pulled out of his reverie, John realized that someone was trying to get his attention. He couldn't hear the speaker over his ear protection and the chatter of the other guns so he motioned him over to an oak tree set apart from the firing range. As he went along he picked up some of the junk on the ground – gum wrappers and shell casings, mostly. He started to work up a rant in his head about litterers, but ran out of interest pretty quickly. The steamy day didn't really lend itself to soapboxes. Under the tree he finally got a good look at his visitor and then groaned. Bad enough he kept getting calls at home, but now they were stalking him in person. There was an ocean of more handsome & talented men out there – why were they after him? Shaking his head, he said, "No, as I told you the first three times you asked, I am not interested in being a part of your Hunks with Guns nudie calendar! "


  1. Oh, you got me with the second one! I was not, not, expecting that.

  2. I never thought to google Chinese whispers! Thanks for the information.
    Enjoyed both of these. Didn't see the end of the second one coming, which made it all the better. Love the word susurration.

  3. Oh dear, I'm still giggling over the "Hunks with Guns" concept.

    Do you know, for all that TV and film would have us believe that women love to shop, I've only met one in my entire life who actually did. So there was some realism in your Wordzzle :-)

    Hunks with Guns. Oh jeez, perish the though that that is real!

  4. Your first piece was nicely drawn - what's not to like about Ms Chapin Carpenter and cats?

    Seriously, I WANT a Hunks With Guns calendar, where can I get one?

    I'm up now - finally.


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