Weekly Wordzzle

This week's 10-word challenge was: cranes, bananas, red-headed woman, hunger, parachute, scratch, sanity, microphone, long distance, you've got mail

"You've got mail!" Lisa’s mother called out as soon as she walked in the door. Although she knew what it was, Lisa dreamed of a long distance lover writing to say he was going to parachute in to save her sanity. For a moment the sheer hunger to escape immobilized her. Lisa opened the envelope, which her mother had already used as a scratch pad – grocery list, apparently: bananas, apples, cereal… There was one sheet of paper inside.

Dear Ms. Jessamine,

Your submission was lovely. We especially liked the verse about the red-headed woman speaking into a microphone about sandhill cranes. However, we received over 900 entries. The judges had a difficult time choosing the winner from so many lovely poems. I regret to say that your entry was not selected…

Well, at least she got a letter this time. Lisa wondered if she would have won if the poem had been about a whooping crane instead.

Words for the mini: popular, pregnant, turtle, basket, present

Turtle Bay was the most popular restaurant in town. Alma was beside herself with glee as the waiter (his name was Lorenzo – Alma always made a point of asking) placed the bread basket on the table. This was going to be the best birthday present ever. At least she assumed it was a birthday present. Ted hadn’t mentioned her birthday yet. Maybe he’d give her a ring & wouldn’t that be the best birthday present ever! Alma wiggled anticipatorily in her seat.

Ted thought Alma seemed extra bouncy tonight. He wished she were more subdued – he always wished she were more subdued. He had no idea what had her so excited. Maybe it was something to do with work. In any case, it was going to make his job a little more difficult. Not that telling your girlfriend you were breaking up because you’d gotten the new love of your life pregnant was ever a walk in the park.

Lorenzo watched the couple at table 8. Reading the signs as he always did, he wondered if the woman would scream & dump the wine on the twit who was dumping her, or if she would dissolve in tears. Or maybe she’d be civilized about it. He was about to start the betting pool when he heard the first shriek & crash. Ah – his favorite response! She might need some consoling – the Lorenzo treatment – after the theatrics were over.

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  1. The Lorenzo treatment.... love it!

    I know the feeling about those letters. Don't submit things anymore but there was a time when I tortured myself...

  2. I've had letters like that! When they start burbling on about the high standard of entries, blah, blah,blah, you KNOW you haven;t succeeded.

    I LOVE the Lorenzo story! Genius!

  3. When I saw the words in the first wordzzle I knew you would soar with it! Fun stuff! As always, a stellar job.

  4. I must tell my cousin Lorenzo of this! Very funny and wise!
    I`d have let you win!!

  5. haha. very nice....those letters...ack!


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