And there was much rejoicing...

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  1. So did you floss like 10 times a day to get rid of it??

    Your dentist thanks you.

  2. Did you donate it to a MacGyver reunion club?

  3. Oh, I fully understand your joy... I am a Glide girl too!

  4. No Amy - I doggedly used the darn stuff once per day. I don't know why I couldn't just get rid of it.

    Last night I very happily used my Reach Woven Floss!

  5. There are certain things it does NOT pay to skimp on, and dental floss is definitely one of them.

    (I mean, what'd you save - a dollar? Probably the same dollar you wasted on that lottery ticket)

    So next time, splurge - spend that extra dollar and get the good floss!

    (If the money you save doesn't equal at least the price of lunch, it's probably not worth it)

  6. OmGosh you are too funny. The end LOL

  7. Life's too short for off-brand floss.


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